Anastacia of Astora is a Character in Dark Souls.

Anastacia of Astora


Anastacia of Astora, also known as the Ash Maiden, is the fire keeper of Firelink Shrine.

  • She will upgrade your Estus Flask if you bring her a Fire Keeper Soul.
  • She is unable to talk until you bring her back to life, after she is killed by Lautrec.


Death and Resurrection

After you ring both Bells of Awakening, or pick up the two Fire Keeper Souls located in the Undead Parish and Blighttown, Anastascia will be killed by Knight Lautrec. This means you will not be able to use Firelink's bonfire or upgrade the estus flask there until this quest is resolved.

  • Search Anastacia's cell and you should find a Black Eye Orb, this will be important later.
  • Once you've reached Anor Londo and the bosses Ornstein and Smough you should notice the Orb vibrating, this is a clue to Lautrec's location. Use the Orb to invade Lautrec, you can do this after killing the bosses as well.
  • When you defeat Lautrec you will get Anastacia's soul back, proceed to firelink shrine, interact with her cell and she will be revived.
  • After she is revived, she will also kindle the Firelink bonfire to 20 when you offer the first Lord Soul to the Lordvessel in Firelink Altar.


  • You can still upgrade the estus flask at the Ancient Spider Queen or the Fire Keeper in Anor Londo, after Anastacia dies.
  • The two generic Fire Keeper Souls treasures, that makes Lautrec act, are located in undead parish and blighttown. The Fire Keeper Soul from Queelags Sister or New Londo will not contribute to Lautrecs actions. (False - I didn't collect the firekeeper's soul in blighttown and I still found her dead when I got to Firelink.)
  • Once Lautrec is killed, do not make the mistake of using her soul to augment your estus flask. That is Anastacia's soul, and must be returned to the cage in Firelink Shrine to revive her.
  • On the other hand, the only reward for reviving her is that the Firelink Shrine bonfire is reactivated. If you're willing to lose the Firelink Shrine bonfire permanently, you can use her Fire Keeper Soul for your own purposes.
  • If you kill Knight Lautrec before he kills Anastacia, you will no longer be able to retrieve his or Anastacia's armor sets.



Cannot be killed by the player. Only the Lautrec of Carim can kill her. 


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