Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls.

Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring

A special ring granted to only the most accomplished sorcerers at Vinheim Dragon School.
The ring is engraved with an everlasting dragon, and boosts the strength of sorceries.



  • Increases Sorcery, and Pyromancy between 20 - 26% (see table below for detailed strengthening effects).
  • Does not increase damage of magic weapon and the like.
  • Does not increase damage of miracles.






  • This is a fantastic ring for any player who is putting a focus on magic skills. The damage modification comes after stat bonuses, which makes this ring even better for mage characters.
  • Wearing this ring with the Oolacile Ivory Catalyst can allow characters with low intelligence to cast viable sorceries.
  • Stacks with Crown of the Dark Sun
  • Stacks with Crown of Dusk.



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