Bloated Sorcerer Head

icon_prot_phy.png 14 icon_res_poise.png 0
14 icon_res_bleed.png 8
14 icon_res_poison.png 38
14 icon_res_curse.png 15
icon_prot_magi.png 22 150
icon_prot_fire.png 9 2.2
icon_prot_lightn.png 13    

Bloated Sorcerer Head is a Helm in Dark Souls.


Bloated Sorcerer Head Description

"The head of an Oolacile resident whose humanity went wild after being devoured by the Dark of Manus, Father of the Abyss. The bloated head is fissured, the cracks lined with innumerable tiny red eyeballs and accented by protuding brain parts. It is lightly enchanted, suggesting that it may have belonged to a sorcerer."



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