Blue Titanite Slab is an Ore in Dark Souls.

Blue Titanite Slab

Blue titanite slab for weapon reinforcement. Legendary Slabs were the domain of the Gods.
Reinforces magic weapons to +10, and enchanted weapons to +5.
Legendary Slabs are the heirlooms of a nameless blacksmith deity, who forged the weapons of other Gods. Weapons forged with this slab become rare legendary weapons.


Blue Titanite Slab Usage

  • Ultimate Enchanted/Magic Reinforce material.
  • It allows reinforcement of +9 magic weapons to +10 and +4 enchanted weapons to +5.
  • Can be found in Crystal Cave, see Titanite Farming for more details.
  • Found in a chest hidden behind some foliage in a pool in the Royal Woods.(AotA only) Analogous to the location of the Enchanted Ember



Blue Titanite Slab Aquisition





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