Here you will find a list of identified NPCs with some official information as well as fan observations. Visit the individual pages listed to find in depth information. Visit the Merchants page to find out about shop keepers and their items
For any information about the Artorias of the Abyss' characters, see the DLC specific page.

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Griggs of Vinheim

Trapped in Lower Undead Burg (section 2)
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Rickert of Vinheim

Found in New Londo Ruins, accessible through cage, cannot be rescued
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Big Hat Logan

Trapped in Sen's Fortress
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Dusk of Oolacile

Trapped in Darkroot Basin
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Found in New Londo Ruins.

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Laurentius of the Great Swamp

Trapped in the Depths
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Quelana of Izalith

Found in Blighttown swamp
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Eingyi of the Great Swamp

Found in the Chaos Servant Covenant in Blighttown swamp

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Petrus of Thorolund

Found in Firelink Shrine
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Reah of Thorolund

Trapped in Tomb of Giants

Firelink Shrine

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Crestfallen Warrior

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Anastacia of Astora

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Kingseeker Frampt

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Vince of Thorolund

Nico of Thorolund

Undead Burg

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Solaire of Astora

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Undead Merchant (Male)

Undead Parish

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Andre of Astora

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Knight Lautrec Of Carim

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Oswald of Carim

Darkroot Garden & Darkroot Basin

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Alvina of the Darkroot Wood

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Shiva of the East


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Domhnall of Zena

Blighttown & Quelaag's Domain

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Sen's Fortress

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Siegmeyer of Catarina

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Crestfallen Merchant

New Londo Ruins & The Abyss

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Darkstalker Kaathe

Anor Londo

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Darkmoon Knightess

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Gwynevere in the Chamber of the Princess

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Gwyndolin in the Tomb of the Dark Sun

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Giant Blacksmith

Painted World of Ariamis

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Crossbreed Priscilla

The Catacombs & Tomb of Giants

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Blacksmith Vamos

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Patches the Hyena

Crystal Caves

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Sieglinde of Catarina

Trapped in a Golden Golem

NPC Phantoms

*NPC Phantoms are not healed by using the estus flask as player phantoms would be.

Other NPCs

  • Havel The Rock in Undead Burg

  • Oscar of Astora** in Northern Undead Asylum

  • Crystalline Knight in Duke's Archives

  • Chaos Servant in Lost Izalith

  • Prince Ricard in Sen's Fortress

  • Forest Guards in Darkroot Garden (cleric/magician/knight/archer (Pharis)/thief/ninja)

  • Darkmoon Guards in Anor Londo (fire keeper, balder armored and steel armored girls)

**Name obtained from text dump of game dialog. The NPC in Elite Knight Armor Set never officially reveals his name throughout the game.