Class_Cleric.jpgCleric on pilgrimage.
Wields a mace.
Casts healing miracles.



Cleric in starting equipment.

Starting Gear: Mace, East-West Shield, Canvas Talisman, Holy Robe, Traveling Gloves, Holy Trousers
Starting Spells: Heal

Clerics can use Miracles to heal from the start, thanks to their high starting Faith stat and equipped Talisman. Their other stats are fairly balanced, so you’ll have plenty of freedom in weapon selection after a few level ups. The low Dexterity does hamper this a little, but you can use weapons such as Maces and Hammers to get around this or invest a little in Dexterity. The Cleric's starting Heal miracle allows them to explore further than other classes that rely on Estus Flasks only, and saves them a significant amount of souls at low level (the miracle otherwise costs 4000 souls to obtain). Aim to use the Heal miracle outside battle, and use the Estus Flasks in battle when necessary, because the Heal miracle is slow to activate and leaves you open to attack. Their light armor and defense means that can't take as many hits as a knight, and no Heal miracle will help you when your HP reaches 0. Don't be to afraid to use Estus Flasks in battle to avoid death, or escape the battle to use the miracle. The Cleric is a good class for beginners and intermediate players or those seeking a warrior that relies on Strength and Faith, as it starts at a low level which allows for greater customization, yet already has a good stat distribution focused on Strength and Faith (and with another spell slot available upon the investment of one more point in Attunement). With two levels invested into Dexterity you can wield the Astora's straight sword early on and blow through all enemies until you ring the first bell. It is highly recommended that you join the warriors of sunlight covenant for the strong offensive miracles early on, or you could join the princess guard covenant to gain access to support miracles. (If your not willing to go covenant hopping to gain miracles this is not the class for you)

NOTE:This class starts with Covenant of the White and the Prayer gesture.
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Level Vitality Attunement Endurance Strength Dexterity Resistance Intelligence Faith Humanity Total
2 11 11 9 12 8 11 8 14 0 84


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