Cloranthy Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls.

Cloranthy Ring

This ancient ring, engraved with a large green flower, is of unknown origin.
Hastens the regeneration of stamina.


  • Increases stamina regeneration by 47%.



  • Found in a secret area near the middle of The Great Hollow by jumping into the middle of the tree.



  • Effects stack with Grass Crest Shield, Mask of the Child and Green Blossom.
  • Faster stamina regeneration reduces your need to build endurance, but because of this often becomes a crutch for players. This is a great ring for players that tend to heavily drain their stamina; either through blocking attacks frequently, evading and attacking, or swinging with large weapons multiple times.
  • This ring is not recommended for newer players, who will want to instead invest in rings that provide direct stat bonuses.





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