Crouching Kitten, Hidden Hippo

Not the greatest name for a build, i got the name from Top Gear in case anyone thought it sounded familiar. I thought it an appropriate name for a build i have. This is a strictly PvP build, the aim of this build is to attack to enemy with a combo attack that the Painted Guardian Sword has and buffing the weapon, attacking with speed and grace and using the Havel's armor set for protection and with its high poise making the character fat thus giving the build its name.This build focuses on its ability to trade blows and be the one that comes out on top and has to have some luck.
- High poise
- Deceptively weak
- High DPS as well as inflicting bleeding damage

- Slow movement speed
- Short attack range
- Can't last long battles
Starting Class: Pyromancer
Vitality: 40
Attunement: 20
Endurance: 40
Strength: 12
Dexterity: 30
Resistance: 12
Intelligence: 10
Faith: 50
Soul Level:131

Right hand:
1. Painted Guardian Sword +15
2. Ascended Pyromancy Flame+5
Left Hand:
1. Grass Crest Shield / Crest Shield
2. Darkmoon Talisman
Full Havel armor set
1. Ring of Favor and Protection
2. Cloranthy Ring / Steel Protection / Wolf Ring ( Depends on what you want extra, the rings provide more stamina regen, more physical protection and more poise respectively. )
Miracles and Pyromancy:
1. Great Combustion ( Should be used for finishing enemies or if the weapon buff wears off )
2. Darkmoon Blade / Sunlight Blade ( Darkmoon is preferred )
3. Wrath of the Gods ( Especially useful against multiple opponents )
4. Great Magic Barrier ( To counter heavy magic users )
5. Great Heal ( Healing without the use of estus flasks or humanity so to me thats considered fair game )
There are other miracle that could be useful such as Gravelord Greatsword Dance, Tranquil Walk of Peace and Karmic Justice. However i think the ones stated above would be most useful. Gravelord dance takes to long to activate, Karmic Justice could be useful especially with a the Grass Crest Shield as it could break off an enemies attack giving you time to recover. Tranquil Walk of Peace would be extremely however i don't use it, theoretically it would be most useful as it could make up for this build's lack of speed and then allow you to go all out on the enemy that can hardly move, this would be even useful if they blocked as the bleeding damage will still take effect. The problem is that i find this method cheap as it takes out the skill required to win fairly.
PvP strategies:
Green blossoms should always be used before a battle, the weapon always buffed before battle and use great combustion should be used to wrap up a fight if the enemy is low on HP. Bring items buffs like gold pine resin or the charcoal version. Weapon should preferably be 2-handed when using R2 attack. This build should be willing to trade blows.
Vs melee builds:

Against most builds this build has an advantage to to its high poise especially with a wolf ring equipped. Just get in up close and use the the devastating R2 combo attack, trade blows if you must, the high poise will put you at an advantage. This will deal considerable damage and on top of that bleeding damage is also inflicted which will be particularly effective as most melee build have high HP. Against enemies that have knockback effect, I would recommend the use great combustion first which puts them on the defensive, then start to use the R2 attack. Against hit and run opponents rely on great combustion and wrath of the gods. Not the best way of winning but this is the achilles heel of this build, the short range of the painted guardians sword and slow movement speed will make hitting enemies of this sort very difficult.
Vs magic builds:
Obviously use great magic barrier to counter magical attacks as well as equipping the Crest shield to maximise magic protection. Try to get close to them and attack them. If you can't due to the build's slow movement speed just back off, dodge and drain them of their spells. The magic protection you have should protect you and if you get damaged too much, just use great heal as they can't do anything if they're far away. Get them to attack you and trade blows, this is where this build excels, it has high poise. Be patient, play the game your way don't let the opponent control the way you do things. I know its hard being patient is something i just can't do even though i know that backing off is the right play.

To those who plan use this build or use parts of this build good luck and play fair, remember to bow before a fight, be honorable and thanks for reading. Constructive criticism is welcomed as so i can then improve this build.

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