Custom Solaire Build

Build by: Salaph115


This is a PvE/Co-op Build
It's Mainly Fcoused around the Equipment of Solare and the Sunlight Warrior Miracles.



Vitality: 24
Attunement: 12
Endurance: 18
Strength: 14
Dexterity: 14
Resistance: 11
Intelligence: 9
Faith: 30
Right Hand 1: Lightning Uchigatana+5 ( or any type Uchigatana )
Right Hand 2: Sunlight Talisman
Left Hand 1: Sunlight Shield
Left Hand 2: Empty ( or anything you want )

Head: Iron Helm
Chest: Armour of the Sun
Legs: Iron Leggings
Hands: Iron Bracelet
Ring 1: Ring of Favor and Protection
Ring 2: Havel's Ring
Magic Slot 1: Lightning Spear
Magic Slot 2: Great Lightning Spear

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