Created by: Vikerness
Soul Level: 100
Starting Class: Wanderer / Sorcerer; Master Key Gift
- Crystal Magic Weapon! Your Balder's Side Sword will kick ass!
- No katanas and overall low weapon variety
- Endurace a bit low => you'll have to rely on the Wolf Ring, Knight Gauntlets and Hollow Soldier Waistcloth for those 53 Poise; going lower than 53 isnt really recommended as its probably the most important breakpoint in the game
- Pursuers can either get you backstabbed, be avoidable, or grant you an easy victory in which case you'll feel like a cheap bastard; feel free to replace it with anything else. or not.


HP Stamina Equip Load Poise
1,590 145 19.2/78.0 53


Stat Ending Value
Vitality 39
Attunement 16 (4 spell slots)
Endurance 25
Strength 11
Dexterity 40
Intelligence 32 (Pursuers)


RH1 Balder's Side Sword +15
RH2 Estoc +15
LH1 Sorcerer's Catalyst
LH2 Heather Shield +14 or Target Shield +14


Item Description
Head Family Mask / Pharis's Hat +9 / Thief Mask +9 / Witch Hat +5 or whatever works for you
Chest Dingy Robe +9 / Black Leather Armor +9
Hands Knight's Gauntlets +9
Legs Hollow Soldier Waistcloth +9
Ring 1 Wolf Ring
Ring 2 Ring of Favor and Protection

Magic, Miracles and Pyromancies

Name Type (Magic, Miracle or Pyromancy)
Crystal Magic Weapon, Dark Bead, Pursuers Sorceries
Stat Progression:

Start out bumping up your DEX to 14 (for Balder’s Side Sword) and STR to 11 (to use the 2H Drake Sword and later on Queelag's Furysword)
We stopped with INT at 32 so we can use Pursuers, if you're not going to use that you can drop your INT to 29 and use those 3 points in strenght for a total of 14, allowing you to use the katanas.
Alternatively you can drop your INT to 25 (but not less), bump your STR to 16 (for the 1H Drake Sword and later on the Chaos Blade) and the 2 remaining points in either VIT or END
By the time you reach Ornstein and Smough and the end of Anor Londo it is recommended to have around 30 VIT and 25 END, with the rest in dexterity.

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