PvE Faithbuild!
Class: Pyromancer

  • Divine Halberd +5- 10/Divine Zweihander+5- 10, Divine Claymore +5- 10, Divine Uchigatna/Laito+5- 10
  • Normal/divine: Eagle shield+5- 15, Dragoncrest shield, Crest shield, Black knight shield+5
  • Talisman/Pyromancy flame
  • Bow/Talisman/Pyromancy Flame

  • Havel's/stone armour (For tanking)
  • Gold-Hemmed/Crimson set
  • Black leather

  • Ring of the Sun's Firstborn
  • Havels ring (For tanking)
  • Ring of Steel protection
  • Ring of the Evil Eye

  • Heal/Soothing Sunlight
  • Great lightning spear
  • Tranquil Walk of Peace
  • Gravelord greatsword dance (Drop one of the pyro spells)

  • Great Combustion/Combustion
  • Firestorm/Great fireball

  • Vitality: 35-40
  • Endurance: 30-40
  • Attunement: 19
  • Strength: 16-24
  • Dextirity: 12-14
  • Faith: 35-55

Game Progression:
  • Start as a pyromancer - Gift - Master key/Old Witch's ring
  • Pick up items around firelink shrine (Including those in the graveyard)
  • Master key needed: Go to the valley of drakes, pick up Astora's Straight sword and dragon crest shield (This is a suicide run)
  • Defeat the Taurus demon
  • Buy a bow and some arrows
  • Farm some souls and raise your strength level to 16
  • Get to the Church and kill the Bellfry gargoyles, ring the bell. Make sure to pick up the halberd on the way there.
  • Use the elevator in the church to get back to firelink, level up and do such.
  • Head back to the asylum (Assuming you know how to)
  • Acquire the crest shield (The knight that helped you earlier will drop it)
  • Now you should head back to undead parish, from there head to darkroot forest and kill the butterfly. After the butterfly is dead, run up the staircase and get the Divine Ember.
  • Give the ember to Andrei the smith. Wooohoo you can now make divine weapons. (You can farm green titanite in the depths)
  • The end!

    • Anonymous

      29 Dec 2016 18:04  

      I have same build and it is good. I have as well good dexterity (to use long divine weapons). All around buils! I taked clerics class!

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