Forest Hunter
is a Covenant in Dark Souls.

Forest Hunter Information

You can join this covenant in the dark forest (in one of the towers joined by a bridge, past the sealed gate) by talking to the huge cat referred to as Alvina of the Darkroot Wood. Joining this covenant will result in Alvina giving you the Cat Covenant Ring, which she will use to summon you when other players, whom aren't part of the Forest Hunter covenant, journey into the first part of the forest.
Having the ring equipped essentially puts you in a queue for PvP. When a non-Forest Hunter enters the area you will be summoned to "invade" them. It is possible for more than one Forest Hunter player to be summoned to invade a single trespasser (maximum of one other invader). You do not have to remain in the forest for it to work and you do not have to be in human form, though you do need to have it equipped.

Defeating a trespasser will often gives you a random titanite shard/chunk excluding red chunks (note that you do not need to land the killing blow to be credited with a victory). If the enemy is killed, you are returned to where you were standing upon being summoned and all of your spells and miracles are refilled. If you are killed, you are returned to the last bonfire you rested at, but do not lose any souls, humanity, or items. Defeated trespassers may use an Indictment on you if they possess any.

Killing any hostile creatures in the area (i.e. anything you can target) does not seem to affect your covenant status, though attacking Alvina, Shiva and any of the non-hostile NPC hunters will result in the breaking of the covenant. It seems that walking or rolling into one of the hunters in the forest can be counted as a betrayal, prompting them to ban you from the covenant and begin attacking.
This is the one and only covenant that has no betrayal penalties and also has the helpful effect of deflecting other betrayal penalties. If you join this covanent (after abandoning another without Oswald's help) you will not receive the penalties of leaving that previous covenant.


1. Reach Alvina at the Darkroot Garden, who stands just before the bridge linking to the ruined structure.
2. Accept covenant (choose "YES" for each questions )
3. Obtain a Cat Ring that will allow Alvina to summon you to defend the Forest.



There are 3 spots to spawn as a Forest Hunter:

  • On the ground, next to the stairs that lead to the sealed door
  • Inside the small room that contains Alvina, right next to the doorway
  • In the back of the forest, near the small pathway that leads to the bridge

Forest Hunters invade as a "Dark Spirit", but are blue.



Each successful invasion gives a small amount of souls based on the Soul Level of the defeated player and a random item. Note: You do not have to kill the host yourself, all you have to be is alive in their world when they die to receive the reward (Souls and Item). A list of possible reward items is shown below :


Rank Requirements

Each successful defeat of a forest invaders is one point closer to a rank up. However, ranking up will net you no items, only a number.

Rank Victories Rewards
0 1 - 3 If you speak to Alvina after defeating a certain number of forest invaders, she will reward you with the following:
1 kill: Divine Blessing
3 kills: Ring of Fog (can also be obtained through trade with Snuggly)
3 kills: After a loading screen Alvina talks about Shiva, and the distrust she has in him.
+1 10 None
+2 30 None
+3 80 None


Betrayal Penalties

  • Attacking any covenant related NPC's found in the grove (Alvina, Shiva, non-hostiles forest guardians) MAY possibly lead to Betrayal
  • There is no penalty for betraying this group (other than the npc's in the area turning hostile again)




  • Be aware that once you join this covenant, RELOAD YOUR GAME IMMEDIATELY.The npc's A.I. becomes bugged due to one of them either dying or falling off the cliff. This ends up kicking you out of the covenant and making the Forest Hunters attack you.
    • (This problem has surfaced for several players so might as well note this until a patch comes up to fix it.) ~Spamsilog
  • Possible Fix: Before joining the covenant make sure that you kill all the human members that are after opening the gates and before reaching the tower where Alvina is at (there aren't any after that tower and before Sif). Once you are 100% sure that all of them are dead (just wander through the zone), join the Covenant. Shiva and his guard will spawn outside, but there is a bug that can cause his guard to fall off the cliff if the game is reloaded.
  • When you join the Forest Hunter covenant, regardless of how you do it (abandoning other covenant or not being in any covenant), will make you sin. I couldn't find any apparent harm, as in, anyone acting hostile towards you or denying any services, but it is apparent and you can test it:

    1. Start at Oswald, making sure 'You have not sinned'
    2. Run to Alvina without killing any of NPCs
    3. Answer her questions correctly and join the covenant
    4. Make sure nothing's bugged, no NPCs died and you aren't attacked by NPCs
    5. Run straight back to Oswald
    6. Use the 'absolve sin' option and see that you, in fact, have sin now, simply by joining Forest Hunters

Regarding the Ring

  • The Cat Covenant Ring ignores the normal level range for invasions. The invasion limit below is 20% under your level, but there is no limit upward
  • ‍Be ready to face any kind of situation: 1v1, 1v2, 2v2, or 2v1
  • Some Players tend to "farm" the souls that Forest Hunters invaders award when killed, these players usually summon a phantom to help them and are well prepared, so be careful and remember to prepare yourself before trying to invade.
  • As an invading Forest Hunter, you do not lose any souls if your phantom is vanquished (Killed by host or environment)
  • Occasionally, there may be a bug making you a red phantom instead of a blue phantom. Even more rare, is when you spawn as a white phantom.



  • Covenant: Forest Hunter - discover Forest Hunter covenant. ( 25 points + Silver Trophy )


Strategy & Tips

  • Often there will be people farming invaders for souls. You will often find yourself in a 1v2 when first arriving to the forest. There are a few ways to even the odds:
    • The most common way is to lure the player(s) to the enemies in the forest. There are a few enemies you can use:
      • The Forest NPCs: a mage, a thief, a cleric, and a bandit. There are also 2 knights and an archer that do not respawn when killed (you may get lucky and the host has not cleared them yet)
      • In the back of the forest, there are a number of treemen you can use to help you. Many times the host + white phantoms will get overconfident or overly aggressive, and will ignore the treemen. You can use this to your advantage
      • If the above enemies are already killed, you can use the 2 giant mushroom men in the lower part of the forest. They are not as effective as the other enemies, but every so often they can get a lucky punch for a lot of damage.
      • If the above enemies are already killed, your last option is the 3 bearcats by the bridge. However these do not respawn when killed, so the host has to have not cleared them out for you to use them.
    • If there are no monsters, you can run and hide and wait for a 2nd invader. This will make the fight easier. If there are no monsters left, this is the preferred method.
      • Sometimes, the 2nd invader will be a red phantom. This can be because Darkwraiths are also invading, or sometimes because of an apparent glitch in which someone summoned via the Cat Covenant Ring nonetheless appears as a red phantom. If this happens, be careful that you both don't attack the same person, since you can damage and kill each other. If you're feeling particularly brave/crazy, you can try to kill the red phantom yourself (it will reward you with souls after all), but generally it is to both of your advantages to work together, since you both have the same objective (kill the host). This is especially true if the host has white phantoms helping him, since a 2v2 is more advantageous than a 1v1v2.
      • There are multiple places on the map where you can appear when summoned using the Cat Covenant Ring. The location tends to be the closest to the host, but sometimes you will appear on the other side of the area (perhaps because the host is rapidly moving through the area). This can actually be advantageous if you wish to utilize NPCs or wait for other allied summons as above. As a Darkwraith or other invader such as a Dark Moon Blade, the location you appear is tied to the location where you use your invading item, such as a Red Eye Orb. If you use it close to the bonfire, it will spawn you at the top of the stairs leading down into the area from the previously sealed door. The predictability of this location means you may often face a host or summons waiting for you as you arrive, so be prepared to immediately try to attack or escape. If you wish for a safer summoning location, you can also spawn at different locations if you move farther into the woods or over the bridge past Alvina prior to utilizing your invasion item. The tradeoff is that if you die during your invasion, you may have to also travel back to that more distant spot in your own world to recover any souls or humanity.
    • There are 3 bridges in the forest area; they are good spots to go if you get double or triple-teamed, since they are only wide enough to allow one person at a time.

    • Do people still play?02 Oct 2016 18:23

      Is it possible to still invade others players this many years after the games release? So far I haven't found anyone and was hoping to get the ring of fog<br/>

      • PSA: Joining makes you sin04 Apr 2016 09:53

        Important note that isn't mentioned in ANY of the Wikis. <br/><br/>When you join the Forest Hunter covenant, regardless of how you do it (abandoning other covenant or not being in any covenant), will make you sin. I couldn't find any apparent harm, as in, anyone acting hostile towards you or denying any services, but it is apparent and you can test it: <br/><br/>1. Start at Oswald, making sure 'You have not sinned'<br/>2. Run to Alvina without killing any of NPCs<br/>3. Answer her questions correctly and join the covenant<br/>4. Make sure nothing's bugged, no NPCs died and you aren't attacked by NPCs<br/>5. Run straight back to Oswald<br/>6. Use the 'absolve sin' option and see that you, in fact, have sin now, simply by joining Forest Hunters<br/><br/>Seriously. Not a single wiki lists this and it's quite major, in my opinion. I wanted to do a 'no-sin' walkthrough and was quite perplexed to see it's impossible to do if I also want to join this covenant at any point of the game...

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