Griggs of Vinheim is a Character in Dark Souls. He sells various items such as weapons and rings to players.

Griggs of Vinheim


Griggs is found in the Lower Level of the Undead Burg, locked in a room that is opened by the Residence Key, which can be purchased from the Undead Merchant. To access Griggs, turn right at the bottom of the second set of stairs with the big fire at the bottom. Turn into the alley with the torch-wielding Undead at the end. Griggs is in the second room on the left. After you speak with him, carefully destroy the barrels (don't hit Griggs! roll instead of attacking) for the Sorcerer Set and a Sorcerer's Catalyst.

  • After you free Griggs, he appears in the Firelink Shrine, to the right of the archway that is straight ahead from the bottom of the stairs leading down from the Undead Burg. He sells various spells and items.
  • After you have bought all his spells and items, and Big Hat Logan has left for The Duke's Archives, Griggs goes to look for his master. He can be found in Sen's Fortress, hollowed, in one of the cells above the sleeping guard. He will attack, so be nice and end his misery.

Speculation: According to his clothing and equipment, Griggs may be a spy that the Vinheim Dragon School sent to observe Big Hat Logan.

Griggs of Vinheim's Inventory

Sells icon_intelligence.png Uses Slots Cost
Soul Arrow 10 30 1 1,000
Heavy Soul Arrow 12 12 1 2,000
Great Soul Arrow 14 20 1 6,000
Great Heavy Soul Arrow 16 8 1 8,000
Fall Control 15 10 1 1,500
Magic Weapon 10 5 1 3,000
Aural Decoy 10 20 1 1,000
Magic Shield 10 5 1 3,000
Soul Spear* 36 4 1 40,000
Homing Soulmass* 18 10 1 20,000
Sorcerer's Catalyst 10     500
Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring       20,000
Lingering Dragoncrest Ring       20,000

* Logan must leave before Griggs offers these last two spells. If you can buy from Griggs then these will become available.



  • You must have an intelligence of at least 10 before you can buy from him.  
  • With Dark Hand's R2 move you can steal 3 humanity before he dies.

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