Faith Caster

Build by: Zelisius


  • Cleric (SL: 125)external image Cleric.png


  • VIT 45
  • ATN 34
  • END 30
  • STR 12
  • DEX 16 (Use of Darkmoon Bow from time to time)
  • RES 12
  • INT 8
  • FTH 50



(In THIS order)




  • *This build is all about harassment and finesse.*
  • Spell order is important!


EDIT: Made many changes to the original build and decided to add some pyromancy into the mix. (No, I do not use the spell swap glitch)
Added some Armor for a little Poise and replaced Ring of the Suns Firstborn for the Dark Grainwood Ring to give the build some added agility.
The idea is to harrass your enemy with Miracles, that can combo into other maricles and pyros.
Wrath of the Gods is a great starting maricle to cast to knock a player down. Once down, you can either fire up a Gravelord Greatsword Dance or Fire Tempest. If you do this right, you'll be getting the spell(s) off right as a player is getting up. Just make sure to not get right ontop of them as a simple kick push can interrupt your casting. So try to get in close, but stay out of push range.
While all the spells can dish out alot of damage, they are best used as finishers after a backstab from a Hornet powered Estoc. The combined damage from the backstab + (insert spell here) is normally enough to take down all but VIT gouge builds.
The only downfall to this build is face to face fighting as the Estoc just isn't that powerful, but none the less, it is a good poke/backstab weapon.
I'm hoping 1.04 fixes the scaling of the Divine Estoc (Heck weapons in general) and makes it a bit more powerful for the face to face fights. Otherwise, a Chaos Estoc +5 may be the better choice.
Well, that's my Faith Caster. It's a little tough to get going, but once you start getting your spells, it becomes a monster!
Also hope you all enjoy this revamped version as it has proven to be a much better survivor then the original. (Amazing what a lil poise can do)

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