Marvelous Chester

Marvelous Chester is a Character in Dark Souls.



Marvelous Chester sells some useful items, although mostly overpriced.



  • He is located on the lower level of the Royal Woods, close to the shortcut.




Icon Name Use Price (Souls)
2014.png Green Blossom Increases stamina regeneration 1,200
2015.png Bloodred Moss Clump Reduces the accumulation of Bleed 400
2016.png Purple Moss Clump Reduces the accumulation of Poison and cancels Poisoned Status 600
2017.png Blooming Purple Moss Clump Reduces the accumulation of Poison and Toxin and cancels Poison and Toxin Status 1,500
2021.png Throwing Knife A throwing knife 30
2023.png Firebomb Thrown item, inflicts fire damage 100
2025.png Alluring Skull Thrown item, lures some enemies towards it 800
2027.png Lloyd's Talisman Thrown item, blocks estus recovery 800
2026.png Black Firebomb Thrown item, inflicts high fire damage 800
2034.png Homeward Bone Transports player to the last visited Bonfire. Player does not lose souls or humanity 600
2112.png Humanity Consume to gain +1 Humanity. 10,000
standard_arrow.png Standard Arrow   20
large_arrow.png Large Arrow   100
feather_arrow.png Feather Arrow   200
standard_bolt.png Standard Bolt   50
heavy_bolt.png Heavy Bolt   150
sniper_bolt.png Sniper Bolt   400



Chester will invade you early in the Oolacile Township if you are human.

  • Drops 9,505 souls



"Hm…Oh, let me guess… Snatched by a shadowy limb, and dragged off to the past?"
"I heard you slayed Artorias, I thought he'd been taken by the abyss first but still, that absolutely treacherous, magnificently so."
Believe it or not, Oolacile has brought the abyss upon it's self. Fooled by that toothy serpent they upturned the grave of primeval man, and incited his ornery wrath.
What could they have been thinking? But to you and I, it is all ancient history. But you have to ask yourself, what does it matter?"
"So what did that giant mushroom make you do? Not that I care, it's none of my business"


When killed as a human in the forest

Comments: I did not kill chester but instead killed kalameet and shortly afterwords was awarded 9,505 souls and when i went to talk to chester he was dead. Has this happened to anyone else? (Chester can fall, so if you aggro him and then go down to Kalameet's level without killing him his his AI can schiz out and he can fall. His drop will be available in the back of the area, near the soul item guarded by 2 dogs.)

Bug: If you kill Chester with a backstab he will say his death dialogue but will remain alive, standing still without a talk option. Reloading fixes the problem and makes his set of armor appear where he originaly stays.



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