Hi there reader, my name is Magnetic North, and I am here to bring you yet another interesting, fun, and competetive PvP build. I hope you enjoy the rambling, and more importantly the build I give you to try out and experiment with. To see my other builds follow the links at the bottom and I thank you in advance for the time you have invested into reading what I have to say. Without further delay I present to you a Knight of "Old", trained by the old god's to seek out and assassinate the sinful. Prepare for a Miasma of despair!

Starting Class - Cleric (79-120)
Vitality - 30 (30 is all you really need for this level range)
Attunement - 16 (The specialization of this build requires at least 4 Att slots)
Endurance - 40 (Standard 160 stamina is recomended)
Stength - 13 (Only grab what is necessary to weild your gear)
Dexterity - 14 (Only grab what is necessary to weild your gear)
Resistence - 11 (Base)
Intelligence - 8 (Base)
Faith - 30 (Raise it high enough to do the best possible damage with DMB and WotG's)

HP= 1100
Stamina= 160
Equip Load= NA/80.0

Physical def.= 122
Vs. Slash= 122
Vs. Strike= 122
Vs. Thrust= 122

Mag. def.= 142
F. def.= 120
L. def.= 127

B. Resist= 107
P.Resist= 36
C.Resist= 30
Att Slots= 4

Essentially what you want to try and achieve is a fast roll, with at least a medium poise rating. Staying light, but safe is the ideal outlook. Also, ring of Fog may prove to be very important to this build.

R1 - claw (maxed)
R2 - Pyromancer's Hand Ascended +5

L1 - Shotel (Divine(maxed))
L2 - Darkmoon Talisman

Att 1 - Toxic Mist
Att 2 - WotG's
Att 3 - Karmic Justice
Att 4 - Darkmoon blade

My Setup=

What you are going to do is as soon as the battle starts, cast Karmic Justice ( just in case you get stun locked). After that, go ahead and buff your claw with DMB. Alternate between speedy melee's and WotG/Toxic Mist Casts to confuse and devistate your foes. Always use Toxic Mist after you get a knockdown with WotG's. use your agility to out match your opponent.

Another variation =

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