Multi-Weapon Mage

A PvE Build by CrescentCrux

Explanation and Basics

  • What is this class? A Character able to use most weapons in the game; as well able to use magic, And pyromancy with ease.
  • Is this a Class for me? Maybe; This class requires a bit more defensive playing at first till you get started.
  • What benefits are there in this class? High speed, Adaptability in combat, and a unique play style
  • The Cons? Lower HP, lower equip burden at the start, and requires some soul farming for spells via co-op.

Starting Info
  • Starting Class: Any- Pyromancer or Wanderer is recommended.
  • Starting Gift: Any will do; But Master key is recommended for ease of area travel right away.

Your first few moments

Well you started; and I'm assuming you made it past the tutorial level (if you didn't sit there and grind souls for a few hours), What you should start doing is gathering the loose items around. your main items to gather should be Drake Sword, Zweihander, Dragon Crest Shield, and at least a Short bow. If you get enough souls gather the Magic from Rickert down in New Londo Ruins. Don't bother getting that catalyst you can find it later for free. Make your way as you like from here on in. Try to get your Strength to 16 before the first boss on the castle wall. Why? Zweihander will SLAUGHTER him two hand with lighting. three hits including jumping off the tower and he will die. But if its so good why not 24? Well I'll explain later. From here on in just carry on and try to gather everything you can. Do Not spend lost souls as you can trade them to Kingseeker Frampt for 500 souls each (vs the 200-400 you get).

Important items of note

  • Zweihander: Will literally knock down lighter opponents, add a element, or magic weapon effect and it is nasty... but slow!
  • Dark wood Grain ring: You are playing a defensive character of sorts; rolling faster then normal Helps, very good for bosses when you cast, then dodge.
  • Dusk Crown Ring: Great vs bosses, or exploring. This boosts your spell count up a lot (more if you double slot spells)
  • Havel's ring: Good if you want heavier armour or using heavier weapons.
  • Light Armour sets: Do not underestimate these armours; Antiquated, Black, Ninja, Red and others have benefits for a speedy character! Some are as good, if not better then heavy!
  • Drake Sword: Honestly... This will carry you though a lot of the game. It is a 'Noob' sword, but the shock-wave attack is very hand vs some bosses, great as a back stabbing weapon on Havel, and a handy side arm for magic mains. Just don't rely on it forever because you will suffer for it.
  • Katanas: Low durability for the cost of speed. This is a dex high class so these are handy weapons to have.
  • Silver Knight Straight Sword: Underestimated? YES! (1.04) it will be enchantable, it requires 22 dex and 16 str, is fast, medium range, and deadly as most Dex weapons. Not the most powerful; but you can make them suffer for underestimating it!
  • Bows: This is a Dex high build. So a bow is very handy; though with modding you might drop this in favour for Throwing knives; but this is still a useful drawing tool; or attention grabber!
  • Bloodshield: How can you not like a shield that boosts resistances? lower stability but handy none the less!
  • Painting Guardian Sword: This is the upgraded thief's dagger; try it out then slap on their own outfit for a fun time.
  • Quelaag's Furysword: On par with the Silver Knight sword; but with humanity and slightly better base damage; but unable to be enchanted. It does have a killer back-flip move you can deal out NPC fury with, if you catch my drift.


Now this depends on how you make the build, but the main idea is to use spells that boost your weapons damage. You can supplement this with Buffs and ranged damage spells. Both Magic and Miracles have the ability to use this build but Magic has an advantage of spells like repair, fall damage reduction, Crystal Magic weapon not needing a covenant unlike dark moon blade or sunlight blade. Miracles can heal though, so Estus is used less often.


To be honest there is no good covenant for this class; so pick the one you like most, or swap them as needed to gain more items!


Alright I've told you the tools; now the stats? This is variable to how you want to make your build but i'll give you a basic rundown.
Mine at 31
Note 1
14, 16, or 19
Note 1
16 24 or 40 *Note2
18 22 or 40 *Note2
Base-32+ *Note3
Base-30/40/50 *Note3
*Will add as I take my class further in
1) Endurance and vitality will vary as you go. I honestly rarely touch them as I hardly ever get hit; that and proper armour reduces damage a lot. See fit to alter them to fit your needs as you go, this will help you more that way then any other.
2) Pick either Strength or Dexterity. If you take this build the way I went Dexterity is a primary and should see iteself go from base, to 22 (silver knight sword) to 40 at max for best stat bonus. If not choose strength and go from 16 to 24 (can use most 2 hand weapons one handed. This is also max cap on dex build) to 40 for best stat bonus.
3)Now here is the trick to this mage. You do NOT have to pick magic! Why? Both Miracles and Magic have benefits to this class. Magic has Crystal Magic weapon which is very powerful bonus on top of what your weapon already is; as well as many ranged magic attacks and very helpful buffs and saving spells. Miracles have healing, force push, and their own ranged attacks (Sunlight Spear set), and have two weapon boosting skills (Sunlight blade, and Dark moon Blade). Both sets can have pyromancy as a backup damage that helps adapt to the world around you.

I hope this build helps you guys out; as a good idea of what it can do, I am helping co-op Quelaag. i'm doing around 359 per Great Heavy Soul Arrow; And Quelaag Keeps coming after me because I'm doing the most damage of all the people I'm helping. I've also Three Shot Taurus Demon early on, and have not died once to a Dark Knight.

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