Version 1.07

Release date:

5th December 2012


  • Fixes the flickering and missing graphical effects that appeared shortly after the release of the DLC, which only occurred in the Additional Content areas

Version 1.06

Release date:

22nd October 2012


  • Eagle Shield - physical damage reduction to 95%
  • Elemental weapons have lower AR
  • Greatswords and Curved Greatswords attack slower
  • Blocking drains more stamina
  • Less stability increase in greatshields when upgrading
  • Quelaag's Furysword - decreased fire damage
  • Strength weapons receive some hyper armor. - Only Abyss Greatsword confirmed. [need more info]
  • Some shield types have deflection when used in PvP [need more info]
  • Stamina consumption increased for spear/rapier attacks from behind a shield.
  • Black Knight Greataxe has reduced damage [needs confirmation]
  • Lightning and Fire reinforced weapons are nerfed.



  • HCSM/HSM now do less damage [needs confirmation]
  • Chaos Pyromancies buffed, humanity damage bonus is increased [needs confirmation]
  • Power Within's health drain is no longer affected by the level of your Pyromancy glove.


  • Critical hits do less damage. This includes riposte and backstabs.
  • Medium roll is faster/all rolls have been buffed [need more info]
  • Gravelords receive humanity when an infected player dies to a BP mob [needs confirmation]
  • New warpable bonfires in: Undead Parish (above Andre), The Depths, Painted World of Ariamis (note that you cannot warp from this bonfire), Tomb of the Giants, Duke's Archives, Crystal Cave [additional warps to new areas also]
  • Crystal Golem AoE attack inflicts Curse status. [this is also present in the older versions, but the duration of the effect is so short that it's easily missed]
  • Reah of Thorolund no longer can be drained 12 humanity (with Dark Hand), she now has 0.
  • Making a full turn – while standing still and wielding a Rapier/Spear – with your shield up results in the player being unable to move for a brief amount of time.


  • Bottomless Box glitch removed
  • Dragon Headstone glitch removed
  • Spell switch glitch removed
  • Prism Stone item duplication glitch removed
  • Bow backstab removed
  • Dropping of undroppable items (Estus flask, Dark sign ect.) can no longer be dropped.


  • Dark Anor Londo NPCs no longer respawn
  • Environmental lava damage increase
  • Increased souls gained for killing certain enemies [need more info]
  • In-game description of the Pendant fixed: "A simple pendant with no effect." "Even so, pleasant memories are crucial to survival on arduous journeys."
  • Oswald of Carim now sells Homeward Bones to the player.

Version 1.04

Release Date

2nd November 2011 (Japan - PS3)

Patch Notes現在発生している不具合について-2/
  • Revision of Magic and its Effects:
    • Magic Shield & Strong Magic Shield
    • The Slowing effect of TWoP
    • Ring of Fog
    • Iron Flesh

  • Revision of the balance of weapon scaling
  • Other weapons/Armor/Magic alterations
    • Pyromancy flame: Revision of Magic strength

  • Revision of matching and multiplay
    • For multiplay, revision of the amount of souls received when defeating a boss (gain all souls)
    • When Used cracked Red Orb, a failed invasion will not consume the item

  • Revision of souls gained per enemy
  • Revision of item drop rates
    • Some bosses would not drop humanity or homeward bones
    • Revision of upgrade stone drops and covenant item drops.Revision of humanity-based drop rates

  • Revision of shop lineup
    • Undead Merchant will sell Bottomless Box
    • Undead Female Merchant Will sell Arrows, Big Arrows, Wooden Arrows, Bolts, Heavy Bolts and Wooden Bolts
    • Andrei will sell Arrows, Big Arrows, Wooden Arrows, Normal Bolts Heavy Bolts, Wooden Bolts
    • Domnhall will sell Arrows, Big Arrows, Wooden Arrows, Normal Bolts Heavy Bolts, Wooden Bolts
    • Domnhall will sell the master key after moving to the Firelink Shrine
    • The Giant Blacksmith will sell will sell Arrows, Big Arrows, Feathered Arrows, Normal Bolts Heavy Bolts, SniperBolts. He will also sell Titanite shards, large shards, Green Titanite and Twinkling Titanite. Additionally, he will sell Smithing Box, both for weapons and armor, and a repairbox
    • Blacksmith Vamos will sell Arrows, Big Arrows, Wooden Arrows, Normal Bolts Heavy Bolts, Wooden Bolts. Will also sell Titanite Shards, Smithing box (both kinds) and repairbox
    • Ingward Will sell Transcient Curse

  • Covenant Warrior of Sunlight will have its Faith requirement revised and lowered. (faith+multiplaytimesx5>50 will become faith+multix5>25)
  • The Price for sin absolution will be lowered (level x2000 becomes level x500)
  • Revision of standard weight of quipment
  • Revision of lock on and change targets.
  • Fixing of freezes
  • Change to the soul display on level up menu
  • Fixing of infinite magic and item exploits.
  • Fixing of input delay when attacking
  • Fixing of Solaire's disappearance in NG+
  • Fixing of the issue revolving around feeding Frampt stones and reaching 99 stones (was reverting to zero)
  • Fixing of Map glitchesthat made the player stuck
  • Change of how certain aspects are displayed in English.

Patch 1.04/1.05 Changes

Translated by Brett (

Taken from in-game testing / jp wiki notes (

Via Pastebin.

Magic Changes:

  • Pyro Glove nerfed from 270 to 230.
  • You can see resonance signs now.
  • Vow of Silence range increased.
  • Sorcery spell damage as a whole was slightly buffed, but Homing Soul Mass and other pursuit style spells were nerfed.
  • Magic Shield duration lowered to ~11 seconds.
  • Strong Magic Shield duration lowered to ~11 seconds. Invincibility removed. Effect on Stamina drastically reduced.
  • Tranquil Walk of Peace and other Slow duration reduced to ~10 secs. Effect supposedly changed from 100% encumberance to 50%. Rolling possible if your equip burden is lowered. Slowness is similar to swamp effect.
  • Iron Flesh effectiveness nerfed.
  • Invisible Body duration remains unchanged.

Status Changes:

  • Base Equipment Burden increased (~6-10 points)
  • Humanity Item drop rate increased from 10 to 210
  • Medium roll recovery faster? (unclear and unconfirmed)
  • Defensive bonuses gained via Humanity reduced. Other defensive bonuses remain unchanged.
  • Item discovery gained via Humanity improved. Capped at 20.

Equipment General Changes:

  • Reported some weapon scaling gets improved at higher normal upgrades (+15 uchi dex scaling goes to A)
  • Some scaling reported as changing from A to S with higher upgrades

Upgrade Changes:

  • Normal scaling buffed by 5-20% (20% at +14).
  • Crystal scaling buffed by 5-20% (20% at +4).
  • Lightning +4 nerfed by 2% (+5 remains unchanged).
  • Raw scaling buffed by 10% (all levels).
  • Magic stat scaling buffed by 10-20% (20% at +9).
  • Enchanted stat scaling buffed by 15-20% (20% at +4).
  • Divine stat scaling buffed by 10-20% (20% at +9).
  • Occult stat scaling buffed by 15-20% (20% at +4).
  • Fire +9 nerfed by 2%. (+5 remains unchanged)
  • Dragon stat scaling buffed by 5-20% (20% at +5).

Specific Gear Changes:

  • Grant scaling changed to Strength:B and Faith:A
  • Gold-hemmed nerfed, still can't be upgraded.
  • Dust skirt nerfed hard (streamlined to match the other pieces).
  • Silver Knights, Sun, Hollow Soldier's Shield and other medium shield stability nerfed to ~70 at max upgrades to improve Great Shield viability.
  • Crystal Ring Shield scaling drastically nerfed. Does around ~200 +-50
  • Dragon Greatsword buffed from 360 to 390.
  • Silver Knight's Sword lightning effect removed. Now enchantable.
  • Elite Knight gear nerfed, then buffed slightly in 1.05

Combat Changes:

  • Lock-on acquisition range increased.
  • Lock-on changing/switching got easier (more responsive).
Ring of Fog users can now be locked on.

PVE Changes:

  • Overall increase in souls gained (~2-2.5 times more)
  • Damage reduced on some mobs?
  • HP lowered on some mobs?
  • Reduced acquisition range on normal enemies.
  • Supposedly reduced poise on some enemies.
  • Bosses drop Humanity and Homeward Bones
  • Ghosts and Skeletons give souls now.
  • Twinkling Titanite drop rate improved.
  • Pyromancers in Catacombs drop Skull Lanterns.
  • Darkwraiths in New Londo drop Dark Hand.

Online Changes:

  • You can see resonance signs.
  • Some invasion restrictions possibly changed? Darkwraith upperlimit confirmed as unchanged.
  • 1.05: Summon restrictions improved slightly again.
  • Amount of souls the Master of the game gains changed.
  • Cracked Eye Orbs no longer get consumed on failure. Confirmed
  • You can hit Select to rate messages.
  • 1.05: Fixed 1.04 bug where summon signs were invisible.

Covenant Changes:

  • Covenant Material drop rate improved.
  • Lowered requirements for Sunbro covenenant (requirements moved from 50 to 25. 3/4 assists should do the trick)

Other Changes:

  • Official Guide nerfed.
  • Forest Hunter NPC farming remains unchanged.
  • Dark Anor Londo NPC farming remains unchanged.
  • Kiln Skip Glitch still works in 1.05

Merchant stock updates:

  • Male Undead Merchant: Also sells bottomless box
  • Female Undead Merchant: Sells Arrows / Crossbolts
  • Andrei: Sells Arrows / Crossbolts
  • Domnhal of Xena: Sells Arrows / Crossbolts, Master Key (5000)
  • Giant Blacksmith (Fapsmith): Sells Arrows / Crossbolts, Small Titanite Shards, Large Tit Shards, Twinkling (8000 per, inf amount), Green Shards, Repair box, upgrade boxes
  • Vamos: Arrows / Crossbolts, Small Tit, Large tit, Repair box / upgrade boxes
  • Inglwood: Sells Transient Curses


  • Fixed some freeze issues
  • Lvl up screen displays souls needed properly now
  • Dragon-head glitch, snuggly, and magic shield glitches fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where your inputs come out 1 second later.
  • Fixed a bug where the second solaire event wont progress.
  • Fixed a bug where feeding frampt a titanite stone then going over 99 resulted in having zero.
  • Fixed some specific map areas where you'd get stuck or be unable to progress.
  • Changed some english subtitles on the overseas port.

Version 1.03 (PS3)

Release Date

30th September 2011


  • some NPCs disappear
  • after applying version 1.02, the system hangs in the trophy screen during the installation of a set
  • Merchant at the beginning of the Sewers now sells Curse removal Stones.

Version 1.02


  • fixes freezing Issue that occurs whenever players wants to invade/ or join other players online.
  • fixes freezing Issue that occurs at title screen of the game, as long as the player is connected to the game's servers.

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