Path of the Dragon
is a Covenant in Dark Souls.

Path of the Dragon Information

The dragon covenant is obtained by swearing allegiance to the Everlasting Dragon. The objective of the dragon covenant is to invade people that hold Dragon Scales.


Go into Blighttown and head out into the swamp. If you're facing out of Quelaag's Domain, go to your right - if you're coming from the beginning of the swamp (the Valley of Drakes entrance) - go to your left. As you progress you should begin to see large leech/pill bug enemies. Eventually you will come across a long root (bridge) that leads to what appears to be a dead end. Hit the alcove with your weapon and you should reach another dead end with a treasure chest. Go behind the chest and hit the wall again. You should enter The Great Hollow. As you proceed, you will run into Basilisks (Also known as Cursed Frogs, which can curse the player) and mushroom men. Once you reach the bottom you will exit out into the Ash Lake. Race the Hydra across the sand bars (use the environment as a shield), and make your way past the Clams until you get to the final tree "building". (There are three total; the one you came out of, a center one, and the final one which houses the covenant leader). "Pray" to the Everlasting Dragon, and become a member.

Dragon Eye

The Dragon Eye can be used in hollow, as well as human, form and by a member of the dragon covenant. Unlike other invasion methods the Dragon Eye can only be used for 1vs1 duels. To be able to see other players signs, you can not have other phantoms in your world. The winner of the duel receive one Dragon Scale. The loser will not lose any Dragon Scales.

Dragon Head Stone

The Dragon Head Stone will turn your head into a dragon head. In order to use this successfully, no head armor must be equipped. If the Dragon Head Stone is used while you have the dragon head, you will be able to breath fire (which can be reflected by Force, Wrath of God, and the Dragon Torso Stone Roar.) Holding down the button will extend the duration, but will also drain your stamina. The fire damage will increase with your covenant rank.

Dragon Torso Stone

The Dragon Torso Stone will turn your whole body in to a dragon. All your armor must be unequipped to be able to use the Dragon Torso Stone. When using the Dragon Stone you will roar like a dragon (which generates a force-wave around you, similar to the miracle Force) and stun your opponents. It also deflects projectiles, similar to the miracle Force, although it cannot hurt the caster if you deflect it back at the caster. Your attack power will increase for a few seconds after the roar (this affects only weapons and unarmed damage, not spells). The damage buff and stun range increases with your covenant rank. The damage will increase for every rank, 25% at rank 0, 27.5% at rank 1, 30% at rank 2 and 35% at rank 3. Dragon force when used with back turned to the enemy will knock back any Shield or Armor and give you a short time to attack before they can raise their shield or counter. While in dragon form, your unarmed attack power will greatly increase; this damage increase applies only to bare fists and will not affect the caestus, dragon bone fist, claws or any other fist weapons. The unarmed attack does not scale with any stat nor increase with covenant rank, and has an AR of 400. Because there is such little damage increases to melee attacks by being in the coveneant or increasing in rank, and since you can use the stones anytime, its best to get the head/torso stone and leave for another covenant.

The Dragon Torso Stone and Head Stone can both be used after you leave the covenant.

Effects of covenant

  • This covenant allows players to challenge others online to earn Dragon Scales. Useful for leveling Dragon type weapons, and gaining the unique Dragon Head Stone and Dragon Torso Stone.
  • Upon using the Everlasting Dragon Eye, a special Summon Sign will be drawn in some online player's world, and players can interact with this summon sign to be invaded (similar to how Red Sign Soapstone works). The sign will not appear in a player's world if that player has any other phantoms in their world, including white phantoms, gold phantoms (a la Warriors of Sunlight), red phantoms, blue phantoms, or even other dragon invaders.
  • Upon using the Dragon Head Stone (without any head gear), the player's head will turn and take the form of a dragonoid's head. At this point, usage of the Dragon head Stone again will allow players to breathe out fire. The damage of the fire is dependent on the player's covenant level.
  • Upon using the Dragon Torso Stone (without any armor equipment), the player takes the form of a dragonoid. In addition to the previous fire attack as the previous point, the player will have:
    • Increased unarmed attack damage. ( Not shown in stats )
    • A Force miracle-like attack which sends out a shock wave, sending enemies flying upon use. Attack is also boosted for approximately 5-6 seconds, and can deflect all projectiles.
    • The Dragon Torso provides no increases to defense. Your defense before and after dragonoid transformation will remain the same. Your defense does, however, increase the more humanity you accrue.
  • Using the Dragon Head Stone or Dragon Torso Stone provides a permanent change that cannot be reversed until death.

Fact: You may cut off the tail of the Ancient Dragon to receive the Dragon Greatsword without causing it to become hostile, and you may still join the Path of the Dragon covenant.

Rank Requirements

Each Dragon Scale you offer to your covenant gives you a point to your next rank. You can obtain Dragon Scales in three ways:
1. Certain chests and items on the ground, such as the one in Blighttown next to the bonfire. 3 Scales can be found in Ash Lake this way.
2. Killing Drakes. They have about a 20% chance of dropping a dragons scale with 410 item find. The Drakes can be killed off easily with a bow and Red Tearstone Ring.
3. Killing Hydras. The Hydra that you encounter at ash lake before the Ancient Dragon will drop two dragon scales and the Hydra found at the entrance of the bottom of the Valley of Drakes will drop two dragon scales. Both have a 100% drop rate, but do not respawn.
4. Killing Undead Dragons. One can be found in the Valley of Drakes, and another in the Painted World of Ariamis. Both will drop a scale 100% of the time, but they do not respawn.
5. Trade an Egg Vermifuge with Snuggly the Crow to get a dragon scale. This can only be done once per playthrough.
4. Using the Dragon Eye. This item will search for any nearby players with Dragon Scales. If you successfully defeat them, you will receive one Dragon Scale and some souls.
Rank Dragon Scales Rewards
0 0 Dragon Eye and Dragon Head Stone aquired
+1 10 Dragon Head Stone flame damage increases
Dragon Torso Stone roar increases in range and the attack buff becomes 27.5 %
+2 30 Dragon Torso Stone aquired
Dragon Head Stone flame damage increases
Dragon Torso Stone roar increases in range and the attack buff becomes 30%
+3 80 Dragon Head Stone flame damage increases
Dragon Torso Stone roar increases in range and the attack buff becomes 35%

Betrayal Penalties

If you join another covenant, you will lose the ability to use your dragon eye and offer dragon scales, but you will still be able to use BOTH the Dragon Head Stone and the Dragon Torso Stone.

Online Interaction

When you place your dragon scale-searching eye on the ground in any location, you do not invade the dragon scale holders world. Instead, "dragon remnants" appear in the same place where you dropped your eye, in the dragon scale holders world, where he/she is given the option of whether to summon you or not. Though this safeguards the fairness of PvP with the dragon Covenant, it is extremely detrimental for the actual Covenant member as it severely lowers the chances of actual MP play.

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