PvE Builds

This page features character builds made to tackle Solo or co-op [[|play]] with a focus on winning boss battles and overcoming regular enemies.
For help on creating your own build, see the character building tutorial page
For a step-by-step walkthrough to creating a Magic Build see the Magic User Guide

PvE actually stands for Player V.S Environment. Not Engine.

Build Name Creator Starting Class Starting Gift
Vega of Street Fighter Luigi The Mage Warrior Any
Demon Hunter EarthScraper   Masterkey
Power Within Rush Lemnear Any Masterkey
Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher) Boogerwood Thief (or Hunter... but Geralt doesn't use a bow to my knowledge) [[#|Pendant]]
Sage Freke tanner.jones Pyromancer Masterkey
All Out Mage lv1-?
Mrkip86 Pyromancer Masterkey
dark souls build jacobkt Bandit Any
Darkmoon Guerilla chidorah Any Masterkey preferred
Leeeeroy Jenkins build
gaigerigoni Deprived Any; however a Master Key is preferred.
Dragon Hero Kalibur Pyromancer Master Key
Abyss Walker Artorias FourmisYaha Deprived Master Key
Belmont (Lvl 50) Borbman21 Wanderer Master Key
Burning Priest (Lvl 120) Elrobbo Pyromancer Master Key
Castlevania SOTD
vX Strife Xv Wanderer Master Key
Crimson Reaper Crimson_Reaper Pyromancer Master Key
Dark Sun Gwyndolin Ornsteins_Successor Any (Pyromancer or Sorcerer) Master Key
Dragon Knight kARM0 Pyromancer Any
Holy Dragon Knightess Uriel1339 Cleric Any
Everlast Knight Axerax Knight Tiny Being's Ring, Old Witch's Ring, or Master Key
Faith/Pyro Build EndlessPayne Pyromancer Master Key or Old Witch's Ring
Flammeus Anima Blade Children of the Sea Pyromancer Master Key
Knight of Astora Sacred Giraffe Pyromancer or Cleric Master Key
Knight-Errant Ogachi Knight Divine Blessing or Tiny Being's Ring
Multi-Weapon Mage CrescentCrux Any; Pyromancer/Wander recommended Master Key
Nimble Artorias Brolaire Wanderer Master Key
Output Lvl 50 (WIP) Tango97 Bandit Master Key, Old Witch's Ring, or Tiny Being's Ring
Overlord Lvl 30 (WIP) Morthious Deprived Master Key
Shadow Thief FireproofMedic Thief Black Fire Bomb
Spell Warrior MStango Pyromancer Master Key
The Think Tank Optimum Warrior (or any) Master Key
Absolute Bleed AbsoluteFrost Cleric Master Key
Chaos Spartan
Acidic_Cook Warrior (or any) Any
Faithwalker Antious Vimir_Of_New_Londo Cleric Any (Master Key preferred)
Vergil Style Ornstein_91 Wanderer or Thief Master Key(if thief, any
Link Challenge Kuroichi1991 Hunter Black Fire Bomb
Zelda Challenge Kuroichi1991 Hunter Master Key
Ganon Challenge Kuroichi1991 Warrior Twin Humanities / Old Witch's Ring
Royal Tank Ornstein_91 Bandit Master key
Grim Reaper Akahalo Pyromancer Master Key
Dark Master
MStango Pyromancer Master key
Cult Cleric Regen Kalibur Knight Master Key / Any
The Once Faithful Warden Colangan.The.Slayer Cleric Master Key/Any
Halberdier Challenge Build Colangan.The.Slayer Whatever you want. Depends (see within)
Hand-Of-God H-A-N-D-Of-God Pyromancer Or Cleric Any
Ninja Bokurenkai Bandit/Hunter Master Key
Chaos Mage (SL 120) Cassine Wanderer, Pryo, Sorcerer Anything
Paladin (SL 20) DawnBlade Cleric Master Key
Indiana Jones DNide4Evr Any, Thief Suggested Master Key
From Boletaria he came
TheTwinFangs Warrior (works best), But any will work Any will do, But Master Key is the Best choice
Custom Solaire Build
Salaph115 Warrior Anything, But Master Key is Recommended.
The Soul Guide Creator Unknown Cleric Any, Master Key being best choice
Artorias the Abysswalker Build Cresh Pyromancer Pendant (Master Key is buyable in DLC)
Dragonslayer Orenstein Build Cresh Bandit Pendant (Master Key is buyable in DLC)
Hawkeye Gough Build Cresh Warrior Pendant (Master Key is buyable in DLC)
Lord's Blade Ciaran Build Cresh Wanderer Pendant (Master Key is buyable in DLC)
Sasuke Uchiha
tep713 Cleric or any Master Key or any
Dovahkiin Link Beoulve Cleric or any Master Key

J-RPG Character Zeky28 Any Master Key

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