Red Titanite Chunk is an Ore in Dark Souls.

Red Titanite Chunk

Titanite chunk for weapon reinforcement. Red titanite has powerful fire energy.
Reinforces fire weapons to +9, and chaos weapons to +4.
With the discovery of chunks in Lordran, the race to locate the Legendary Slabs has begun. But could they be mere myth


Red Titanite Chunk Usage

  • High level reinforce material
  • Reinforce Fire weapons to +9 and Chaos weapons to +4


Red Titanite Chunk Location

  • Demon Ruins
    • Centipede Demons in front of Demon Firesage Fog. It's a rare/extremely rare drop.
  • Lost Izalith:
    • Chaos Eaters
  • Black Knights in the Northern Undead Asylum (when you comeback) drop them (guaranteed drop).
  • Kiln of the first flame:
    • Great-sword Black Knight (guaranteed drop, respawns)
  • Between Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith:
    • Sunlight maggots (NOTE: Sunlight Medal is a much more likely drop, so this isn't very efficient)
  • The Great Hollow : 2 red titanites on corpses , one near the top of the level , another one on a tricky small branch just above the frogs , alternatively crystal lizards also drop a red titanite chunk extremely rarely
  • The Asylum : The two Black Knights drop a red titanite chunk each
  • Snuggly the Crow : trading a pyromancy flame with him for a red titanite chunk
  • Oolacile Township 
    • Above the entrance of the mansion with the 2 sorcerers, use light to make the part of the wall disappear that looks like a door




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