Sunlight Maggot

icon_prot_phy.png 6 icon_res_poise.png 0
6 icon_res_bleed.png 0
6 icon_res_poison.png 0
6 icon_res_curse.png 0
icon_prot_magi.png 5 80
icon_prot_fire.png 24 1.4
icon_prot_lightn.png 13    

A loathsome parasite that inhabits Lost Izalith. It is completely immobile, yet still lives.
When worn on the head, it emanates blinding light, which is why its known as a Sunlight Maggot.



  • Obtainable by using the shortcut from Demon Ruins to Lost Izalith (Requires "Chaos Servant +2").
  • Also obtainable through exploration behind the Titanite Demon in Lost Izalith (Does NOT require "Chaos Servant +2").
  • There are total of 9 insects on both sides of the shortcut door, the one with the red eyes will drop it.
  • It can only be received once each play-through, since the ninth bug will not respawn.



  • Emanates light when used as a helmet, very useful for dark places.
  • Can be traded to Snuggly the Crow for the Old Witch's Ring.
  • Cannot be upgraded.




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