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Battle of Sen's FC 1/12/13

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YouTube Guides:

These guide have commentary on the basics, defeating bosses, and finding secretss.
  • Spikey Sato Gamer World Champion 2011 Plays Dark Souls

  • Codemanster0 @ YouTube . He makes some great guides for bosses and other guides for early item gathering in the beginning of the game. Very helpful videos, decent upload rate, check him out.

  • Kazamieras @ YouTube: A comprehensive walkthrough including the location of pretty much every item in the game along with boss strategies and other helpful tips.

  • PlayThruView @ youtube : These videos will show the [[#|locations]] of most of the items in the game. The videos have description notes that can be clicked for quick access to finding items, npc's, etc...

  • **AndroidX1138 @ Youtube**
    AndroidX1138 is a Brit gamer located in LA. This is the 1st of a 5 Part quick start guide designed to give new players an unfair advantage right from the outset.

Gameplay footage:

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