Tattered Cloth Manchette

icon_prot_phy.png 29 icon_res_poise.png 0
32.2 icon_res_bleed.png 19.6
29 icon_res_poison.png 49
29 icon_res_curse.png 1.4
icon_prot_magi.png 33.9 400
icon_prot_fire.png 43.6 1.6
icon_prot_lightn.png 24.2    

Tattered Cloth Manchette is a Gauntlets in Dark Souls.


Tattered Cloth Manchette Description

"Manchette worn by the pyromancers of the Great Swamp. Though it appears tattered, it is actually quite strong. Their attire offers substantial protection against poison, fire, and other forces of nature out in the hinterlands where they were driven."



Where to Find \ Location

  • Pyromancer (Starting Class)
  • Blighttown: From the bonfire in Blighttown run straight past the first flying bug slightly to your left out in the distance. Circle around to the left of the pillar then look right; the armor and the spell poison mist are on the body in the coroner




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