Daughter of Chaos

Covenant Leader

The Daughter of Chaos is a mute Quelaag-like entity, and is the leader of the Chaos Servant Covenant. She is found behind a hidden wall in the chamber underneath the second Bell in Quelaag's Domain.
  • Look around the chamber before you head down to the Demon Ruins and strike the walls with your sword; one of them is fake and will disappear, revealing an additional chamber.
  • At the end of the chamber, there will be an egg-burdened guarding the Daughter of Chaos. Talk to him and he will move out of the way for you to talk to the Daughter of Chaos.
  • If you are looking to speak to her you will need the old witch's ring. (Gained either as a starting gift, or by trading a Sunlight Maggot to Snuggly in the Undead Asylum.



  • Upon killing her, she drops a Fire Keepers Soul. (Note this makes the bonfire inactive forever)

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