White Titanite Chunk is an Ore in Dark Souls.

White Titanite Chunk


Titanite chunk for weapon reinforcement.
White titanite has powerful magic energy.
Reinforces divine weapons to +9,
and occult weapons to +4.
With the discovery of chunks in Lordran,

the race to locate the Legendary Slabs
has begun. But could they be mere myth?


White Titanite Chunk Usage

  • Reinforce Divine weapons to +9, Occult weapons to +4



White Titanite Chunk Location


Location Notes
The Catacombs Drop from Greataxe Black Knight
Tomb of Giants Area treasure; random drop from Bone Towers and Pinwheel Servants
Northern Undead Asylum Trade a Sunlight Medal with Snuggly
Lost Izalith Very rare drop from Chaos Eater
Kiln of the First Flame 100% drop from Greataxe Black Knight




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