• One hit kill build, and because of the low VIT you prob will be 1 hit too :p XD
  • If you want a higher SL increase endurance.
  • Use Power within when you invade to get low hp, or use it when you see your target for a longer fight.
  • Don't Waste time

Starting Class

  • Wanderer - 43


  • Att 12
  • End 15
  • Str 31
  • Int 25
  • All other stats remain the same


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    • Anonymous

      I guess giant dad is no longer the popular one anymore, because he would die by the hands of this build just like that.

      • Anonymous

        Interesting build, but starting as a Wanderer with those stats makes you level 44. Also, not sure why you included the Dark Wood Grain Ring since your equipment load wouldn't be low enough to benefit from it with the given stats. What are you supposed to dump your stats in after 44? Or did you mean for this build to be solely for 44?

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