This build is also viable for PvE, but with some minor adjustments to stats and equipment, depending on the area of the game.

Starting Class: Any; although Pyromancer and Wanderer are the better choices starting off due to higher Resistance with Wanderer being the better melee focused build and Pyromancer giving one additional attunement slot.
Gift: Any, although I recommend the Master Key or Twin Humanities, depending on your expertise and familiarity with the game.

PlLEASE NOTE: I will be assuming that Pyromancer was the starting class and the Master Key was taken as the gift; as it is generally easier for most people, who are not as familiar with the game, to use these two options.

Minimum Required Stats

  • Vitality -- 10
  • Endurance -- 11
  • Attunement -- 12
  • Strength -- 16(24)
  • Dexterity -- 18
  • Resistance -- 12
  • Intelligence -- 20
  • Faith -- 20

These are the minimum stats required to wield the Greatsword of Artorias. As such, you will most likely want to have 24 Strength to be able to wield it in one hand to be able to use a shield as well.

How you continue to build your character depends on your own preference really, but boosting Intelligence or Faith mostly will be your best bet, to give you more options. I would recommend boosting Faith mainly, as it will boost your magic defense and gives a higher boost to attack damage, on par with Intelligence, and gives you access to some good Miracles. Boost up your Endurance and Vitality as you see the need, depending on your build you might be able to leave them alone as it is.

Weapons: Main weapon will be the Greatsword of Artorias. Up until then you can use whatever you come across or feel comfortable with. Your starting weapon will be good enough for a while, after which you can either go for the Drake Sword right away or Astora's Straight Sword. I prefer the latter as it has a better move set, mainly the thrusting strong attack. Upgrade the weapons when you can, if you need the extra power, but they should be strong enough to last you up until you can forge the Greatsword of Artorias.

Shields: The Grass Crest Shield will most likely be your shield of choice, mainly for the Stamina regen. Otherwise farm for a Hollow Soldier Shield as it has the best stability of most of the shields available once upgraded and doesn't weigh too much. If you want to keep with the flavor, you can also use Greatshield of Artorias; although this will take a second playthrough (Or maybe a player trade?).

Armor: Basically, this comes down to how comfortable you are with the controls and your skill level. At a base minimum you will have an equip load of 51.0, so that will really limit what you can wear especially after considering your main weapon and shield weight. Speed is a very big factor in winning in PvP, especially with certain play styles. Try and stick with a light load, <25% or 12.5, so that you have maximum speed. Although there are some other options available to help with this limitation, such as the Dark Wood Grain Ring.

Some decent equipment to use are as follows:

Rings: There are a lot of options here, depending on how you want to build your character and your desired Soul Level for PvP, unless you are in a certain Covenant.
Here are some suggestions:

Items: There are a few items that are good to use in PvP. They can help to make up for areas lacking in your spells, give you other abilities such as stamina regeneration, or heal you.
Here are a few items that can help you with this build (or any build in general).

Magic: You can use pretty much any type of magic that you want to with this build, as it will have fairly high casting stats. I will list a few different spells that are worth using, but feel free to use whatever you want to, to fit your own personal playstyle.



Recommendations: I would start with going for Astora's Straight Sword and building up your stats to be able to use it properly. This weapon will last you a long time, especially since it has an awesome move set, and you can use the Twinkling Titanite you find to upgrade it as you won't be needing it for anything else.
After getting this weapon, I would recommend farming in Undead Burg for a Hollow Soldier Shield. This shield will be your bread and butter for most of the time. It has a nice and high Stability, so you will be able to block more attacks easier. I personally did not use the shield starting off, in order to keep my weight under 25%, and just two-handed my sword as the early enemies are not very tough and easy to predict. After getting the shield, head to the tower near the end of Undead Burg and kill the Crystal Lizard to upgrade your sword. You should then proceed to begin to farm for Humanity; you should have at least one by this point from killing enemies. Continue to farm the enemies in the Undead Burg area until you have 10 humanity, then if you wish you may return to human form and kindle the bonfire; after which I recommend farming for the two humanity spent to do so. After you have finished farming it is time to level up some more, if you haven't already, and work towards getting the stats needed for your greatsword if you want. Now it is time to face the Taurus Demon...
Basically, now it's just a rush through the game. Ring the first bell and then be sure to get next Crystal Lizard in Darkroot Basin, if not doing so beforehand. Upgrade

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