The Point Of This Build Is To Poison First Thing After Bowing, Just Like My Other Build. Use Dung Pies, Poison Knifes, Rotten Pine Resin, Just Anything that poisons. Second Rush in and deal as Much Damage As You Can then Push Them Towards Environmental Hazards like Cliffs, Hide behind Mimics, Enemies, just Anything that Poses A Risk To The Opposing Player. Best Places You can PVP Are Pretty Much the most Dangerous, Kiln of the First Flame With the stone beams and multiple black knights, Anor Londo with a number of enemies and a blacksmith, Tomb of the Giants, Several Cliffs and other player has to switch shield with skull lantern or switch to catalyst for cast light spell or give up protection and use sunlight maggot.
-You Don't Have To Poison them its just Optional...


Royal Helm +9 (Very Good Defense It is almost as strong as Havel's Helmet, This Helmet has a Physical Defense Rating of 34 and weighs 4.5 Units).
Dingy Robe+9 ( Decent Physical Protection,49 with a Very Light Weight of 3.0 and a Whopping Magic Defense of 71, Also Very Good Curse Resistance For PVE with Nearly 49).
Paladin's Gauntlet +5 ( You can Safely Battle Cursing Enemies in PVE, This Adds 43.2 Curse RES. When Maxed This is better than Havel's Gauntlets. This Piece of Gear Adds 12 Poise).
Giant's Leggings+5 ( Strongest Leg Armor in the entire game, Provides 21 Poise and a Record of 63.6 Physical Protection, Also Kind of Fits the color, Looks Great too).


Murakumo +15 (This Alone Does An Extremely high damage, Scales with Dexterity with A,You Can Buff this Weapon. This is You Main Weapon, its an Interesting Weapon because unlike some weapons it usually deals around 450-500 with 50 dexterity).
Ascended Pyromancy Flame +5 (This I believe is the only Weapon that is upgraded by Souls, You need this for Power Within. Use it First Before you use CMW).
Canvas Talisman (strongest Talisman in the game).
Grass Crest Shield +14/15 (A good Shield if you ask me, Accelerates Stamina Regeneration Speed, Although it only protects 95% Physical Protection, it makes up for it by giving an added 12% more magic Protection than the average shield of 30%. This shield does 42%).


Starting Class- Hunter
-VIT:35+24 (your risking killing your self with power within, but it still keeps you in Standard PVP 100-140 SLs _.
-ATT:12+3 (2 Slots).
-END:40+26 (Maximum Stamina with 80 Weight Carrying).
-STR:28+16 (allows for 1 Handed Murakumo).
-DEX:61+37 (does Hellish Damage with Murakumo).
-FAI:32+23 (Allows usage of Dark moon Blade, Lightning spear and other miracles).


-Dark Moon Blade
-Power Within


-Dark Wood Grain Ring
-Ring of Favor and Protection

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