N i g h t W a t c h
"We are the specialists, We are the Elite, We are the Enforcers, We are VENGEANCE, WE ARE NIGHTWATCH!"
Im sorry to announce that due to certain life issues and time constraints, I am placing the group on temporary Hiatus until further notice, maybe until dark souls 2... if you need any help or info please contact Bird Sarcoma for further info, thank you-Ultima Zero


The Objective of NightWatch shall be to provide superior assistance within Dark Souls.

We shall teach a better understanding of PvE and PvP tactics and mechanics.

We will fight any and all invaders and do so ruthlessly to protect our host.

We fight to protect those unable to protect themselves.

We strive to ensure people enjoy the game to its fullest to prevent the need to mod or hack.

We teach you to teach others HOW to make PvP builds, not provide premade builds for players.

You will have an obligation to share any and all knowledge pertaining to the legitimate execution of playing Dark Souls.

We teach you to teach others HOW to make PvP builds, not provide premade builds for players.

Meaning you will teach Miracles, Pyromancy, Sorcery, and Melee combat tactics.

Low Level assistance and protection

Meaning you will use a sl 20 character to assist others in completing the beginning stages of the game, as well as reach out to them and ask if they have need of further help. This

DOES NOT mean we will 2 shot bosses for them, nor does it mean we will provide gear for them.


Nightwatch Members are Autonomous, this means that you are not required to keep in contact with fellow members; remember, we are not a Guild...

Once you have been trained and put on the right path towards a better build or better skills, you then can branch out and in game (for example: On your level 20 or lower you would place your sign in undead burg/parish and you would get summoned, if the host obviously needs help with his build and or gameplay) you can message the player you are helping or invite to chat and speak with them and at that point recruit them to the team. I personally have recruited several members this way and at which point they are fully free to contact other players and pass that knowledge along which results in the games longevity and the players have more fun playing with skilled opponents rather that fighting new players and or modders/hackers. This is basically the whole point, we want people to keep playing this game, we want people to be good at this game so that everyone can enjoy it to the fullest.

All Nightwatch members are asked to frequently be on the forums and be ready and willing to help anyone who asks for it. Our group is completely neutral and transcends any lore. It is simply a resource for the members of the forum to use.


We have no official ranking, nor is anyone more privileged then another member, that being said we do view a few to hold higher status.

Leader: Ultima Zero
Right Hands: Bird Sarcoma / Forgottensouls32 / JabBerW0cKy42 / Temeraire Hawke

PS3 Officer: Serious_Much (PSN: HolyPK9)


In order to Join Nightwatch you Must have a character that is Soul level 20 or lower and have completed the game to one of the endings (not necessarily with that character), if your achievements are blocked or hidden then you cannot join. Nightwatch characters are urged to be in the warriors of sunlight as they get summoned more often although being a gravelord or dragon servant is allowed.

If you wish to be a part of Nightwatch AND another group you are free to do so. (Joining a group that does nothing but grief players while you're anti-griefing for us is left up to you to work out how ridiculous that is)

If you wish to join, please send ( AquaZeroX26 ) a PM on the forums to let me know that you wish to join, I am the leader of Nightwatch and I specifically manage the XBOX and PC side. My Officer in charge of the PS3 side of Nightwatch is ( Serious_Much ) who you can also contact especially if you are a PS3 player.

SL Ranges

Nightwatch members are evenly distributed every few from levels 20-120 so that help is easily available for anyone soul level 120 and down. If any members have several characters in these level ranges, feel free to post your name several times. Your level doesn't have to be exact, if you are level 10 or 15 for example you can place yourself in the level 20 bracket.
Place an * after your Gamertag or PSN to show you have available slots to create more character ranges.


Level 20: Shatter1, TomBombadil515
Level 50: Serious_Much
Level 80:Shatter1, TomBombadil515
Level 100: Serious_Much
Level 120:Shatter1

Xbox / PC

Level 20: Ultima Zero, Bird Sarcoma, JabBerW0cKy42*, Forgottensoul32*
Level 50: JabBerW0cKy42*, Forgottensoul32*, Ultima Zero
Level 80: JabBerW0cKy42*, Forgottensoul32*
Level 100: JabBerW0cKy42*, Jinnzo12,RedStorm X 94, Vengance XIII, BaronZemo XIII*
Level: 120: Ultima Zero, Bird Sarcoma, JabBerW0cKy42*, Forgottensoul32*, Bandit Kaiser

Please note, there is an expectation that the host is active and still leads the party through the area. Nightwatch members are here for support against Dark Souls most challenging areas and bosses, not to hold your hand through them.

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