Attack Values Properties Notes
icon_dmg_phy.png Physical The physical damage of the arrow/bolt. Most arrows and bolts have physical damage. Physical damage stacks with the attack power of the bow, and thus also affects the bow's total Parameter Bonus.
icon_dmg_magi.png Magic The magical damage of the arrow, only Moonlight Arrows have magic damage. Stacks with magically upgraded bows (magic, enchanted, divine and occult).
A magically upgraded bow will also inflict magic damage without Moonlight Arrows.
icon_dmg_fire.png Fire The fire damage of the arrow. Only Fire Arrows have fire damage. Stacks with fire upgraded bows.
A fire-upgraded bow will still inflict fire damage without Fire Arrows, but the visual fire-properties will not be present.
icon_dmg_lightn.png Lightning The lightning damage of the bolt. Only Lightning Bolts have lightning damage. Stacks with lightning upgraded crossbows.
A lightning-upgraded crossbow will still inflict lightning damage without Lightning Bolts, but the visual lightning-properties will not be present.
icon_dmg_cbonus.png Critical All arrows have 100 critical.  

Auxiliary: Poison Arrows inflicts poison status. Divine and Occult is decided by the bow.
Attack Type: All arrows have Thrust damage.

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