The Ascended Pygmy

A Do-it-all build that wants for nothing.

This build is designed to be equally capable at both PvE and PvP. The ultimate goal was to create a character with the best defenses and resistances possible, all while having numerous offensive options and the ability to "ninja flip" granted by the Dark Wood Grain Ring.


Vitality - 30
Attunement -16
Endurance -40
Strength -16
Dexterity -16
Resistance -12
Intelligence - 44
Faith - 30



RH1: Moonlight Greatsword +5/Enchanted weapon +5/Quelaag's Furysword +5/Regular Weapon +15 (for use with Crystal Magic Weapon)
RH2: Logan's Catalyst/Tin Crystallization Catalyst/Pyromancy Flame +5
LH1: Crest Shield +5/Dragon Crest Shield +5/Grass Crest Shield +5/Bloodshield +5/Black Knight Shield +5/Silver Knight Shield +5/Iron Round Shield +5 (great for PvE because of its high deflection)/
Sanctus +5 (for engaging in jolly cooperation!)/Crystal Ring Shield
LH2: Velka's Talisman/Darkmoon Bow +5/Lightning (or Fire, or Chaos, or Enchanted) Avelyn +5

As you can see, the equipment setup for this build is highly variable, but all options are equally effective. Personally, I prefer using the Moonlight Greatsword (acquired by cutting off Seath the Scaleless' tail) for its high damage/weight ratio and the fact that all the damage it does is magic (so the weapon completely ignores physical defense, which most PvPers have more of than magical defense). For the enchanted weapon I would go with the Uchigatana, Darksword, Barbed Sword or maybe Claymore or Flamberge. However, I'd also recommend upgrading the Claymore or Flamberge along the standard upgrade path to use with Crystal Magic Weapon. Another potential viable weapon would be a Chaos, Fire or Lightning Great Scythe fully upgraded- very high attack.

The catalyst choice is really just a matter of personal preference. Generally with this build I lean toward using magic and miracles over pyromancy, but every now and then the mood strikes and I go toss some fireballs at people.

Each of these shields has its use as well. For PvE, I like the Iron Round Shield, with it being the only shield that can parry and has high deflection (I just love watching those Capra demons bounce off my shield). Just think about your own playstyle and which shield fits that best as well as looks the best. I absolutely never equip the crystal ring shield, but that's only because I'd much prefer to parry than use that horrendously slow projectile attack. If you like it, then absolutely do not hesitate to use that shield, I know from experience that it can ruin someone's day if they're not paying attention.

Talisman for tossing lightning spears and going home. Darkmoon bow is used primarily to cheat the AI in PvE, while an upgraded Avelyn can be quite harrying to PvP opponents who stay at a medium distance.


Head: Giant Helm +5
Body: Giant Armor +5
Arms: Giant Gauntlets +5/Paladin Gauntlets +5 (good curse resistance and defense, a little lighter)
Legs: Blood-stained Skirt +10/Maiden Skirt +10

This armor setup has great resistances, very high physical defense, very high fire defense, and high magic and lightning defenses as well.


Ring1: Ring of Favor and Protection
Ring2: Dark Wood Grain Ring

This setup of rings allows you to use almost any combination of the above gear while still sacrificing no mobility.

Magic, Miracles and Pyromancy

Honestly, use whatever you want. I usually have a Great Heavy Soul Arrow, Homing Crystal Soul Mass, Crystal Soul Spear and Homeward equipped. Other good options include Great Soul Arrow, Great Lightning Spear, Crystal Magic Weapon, and any of the various support spells for situational use (such as using Fall Control when you return to the Northern Undead Asylum). Regarding Pyromancies, go with whatever you think is best for your situation.


Again, this is entirely up to you, and how you want to play the game. Want to invade people in the Forest? Join the Forest Hunters! Want to invade people in Twilight Anor Londo? Join the Blades of the Darkmoon! Want to invade people anywhere??? JOIN THE DARKWRAITHS!! But more seriously, you will at one point have to join the Forest Hunter Covenant in order to kill Shiva's bodyguard and acquire the Dark Wood Grain Ring. Also, joining the Darkwraiths and giving Kaathe 30 humanity will give you the Dark Armor set and the Darksword. You will have to join Chaos Servants at some point as well if you want to acquire Great Chaos Fireball and give them 30 humanity if you want Chaos Storm.

Personally however, when I'm not jumping around covenants and absolving myself of sin I like to stay in the Warrior of Sunlight Covenant, to engage in jolly cooperation!, or in the Darkwraiths so I can infinitely invade.

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