Assassins of Vinheim

Assassins of Vinheim is a user made covenant. The goal of the covenant is to invade using stealth and deception. There are many requirements to join this covenant and most people will have to make a specialized character to do so. It is highly important to get yourself familiar with these rules, since the covenant demands a specific type of build and is very restrictive on how you are allowed to level up your character. The covenant also has strict equipment and magic restrictions that may ward off those who aren't up for the challenge.

Whether you have found this page on your own or have been sent here by a member because you have considered joining, please pay attention. There are many rules to joining but the experience is very rewarding.

The Assassins of Vinheim were once an elite class of students in the Vinheim Dragon School. Trained in the arts of sorcery, combat and stealth they were a force unmatched. More effective than any army they were able to destroy the legs of a nation without making a sound. Despite their ability to hide from sight and sound they could not hide from the undead curse. One by one the Assassins were shuttled off to Lordran to await judgement. However, given their abilities they were not one's to simply wait quietly for the hollowing. The decided to use their skill to acquire humanity and prolong their life.

Factions within the covenant

Your faction within the covenant determines what spells are available for you to use. Your faction also determines what build you are allowed to use. Each faction comes with its own build and suggested equipment to use.

Vinheim Spooks-

Upon becoming undead the Spooks use their skill to acquire humanity in order to maintain their own sanity. These spy's have high intellect and use their cunning and wit to hide and launch deadly spells at the unsuspecting target. The goal of this build is to cap int at 40 (or 50 sacrificing other stats to do so) and put minimal stats into vit and end. Some points may be put into dex and str to wield certain weapons also. Any sorcery is available to this covenant member. This member must use red stones to invade but does not have to be a Darkwraith (though it is recommended you be one). These assassins rely less on physical combat, and more on magic. While it is recommended to keep a dagger on hand you should rely on using hidden body and chameleon to set up traps and launch soul spears and soul arrows while your enemy cant see you. Dark colored armor sets are also recommended to make you less visible.

Chaos Sorcerers-

When a group of the Vinheim Spooks journeyed into the great swamps the power of Chaos Fire corrupted them. These assassins now crazed scour nearby worlds for humanity. They're attunement and intelligence are high (int must be 50, att must be 23 or higher) while all other stats suffer severely. They may use any sorcery and any chaos pyromancy, along with acid surge, poison mist and toxic mist. Members of this faction must invade as red phantoms, but do not have to be darkwraiths to do so. It is recommended you join the chaos servants to obtain pyromancies, and then leave to join the darkwraith coveneant. . These Sorcerers are pure casters, using no weapons at all. Using the Tin Crystallization Catalyst as well as a fully upgraded Pyromancy flame is highly recommended. These assassins use the chaotic pyromancy spells to keep enemies at a distance while saving the precious Crystal Soul Spears for the perfect moment. Using dark colored armor and the ring of fog is recommended.

Vinheim Darkstalkers-

Students of the Vinheim schools less adept at casting powerful sorceries were not so quickly cast aside as they would be in other schools. Painstakingly taught basic spells these once through untrainable sorcerers became deadly assassins who made good use of basic spells such as Hidden Body and Fall Control. This build is a combat based build relying on good dexterity as well as moderate vit and end. Keeping in mind this build is also required to have enough int to cast basic spells such as hidden body, chameleon, fall control and hush. It is recommended to use a weapon and shield you are comfortable with, as well as having a catalyst and bow on reserve.

Vinheim Trapmaster-

Upon searching for the rite of kindling, these assassins have harnessed the powers of the Gravelord and use it to lure would-be prey to their own worlds. They litter their own world with traps and camouflage themselves and stay hidden until it is time to strike. They use items like dung pies to make their world uninhabitable. They may also use spells such as poison mist, toxic mist and acid surge. They may snipe at their enemies with bows and use poison arrows. This build may or may not focus on physical or magical combat, but it must use the basic stealth spells as the others do. Apart from that this is the most free build as far as stats go but it must still follow the basic rules of the covenant. If you are confused about building a trapmaster contacted the covenant lord for more in depth explanations.

Dragon Scholar-

The Dragon Scholars upon arrival to Lordran began a journey to find remnants of dragons. You must join the dragon covenant and obtain the dragon body to use this build, you may stay in the dragon covenant but you must invade as a red phantom. They gave their devotion to the everlasting dragon and in turn were given the ability to become dragonoids. The dragonoid is the perfect hunter and they used this newfound ability to improve their skills as assassins. While they still rely on stealth and magic to win their battles they can hold their own in combat due to the benefits of their dragon bodies. This build like the darkstalkers focuses on dexterity endurance and vitality while still having enough intelligence for the basic stealth spells. They however do not wear armor, instead they use the dragon body.

Character Building

To begin ,the covenant has a level restriction of 80. You are however urged to keep your character under that level. You are free to build your character within certain means. Each specific faction has its own rules about building as explained above. If you need help with character building there are many helpful people on the forums, and also most covenant members will be able to assist you. Here are some sample builds for your enjoyment. Note there is no trapmaster build because trapmasters have no build type.

Vinhiem Spook-
Vinhiem Darkstalker-
Chaos Sorcerer-
Dragon Scholar-

Basic universal build rules:
1. No faith, you may not level up the faith stat.
2. Darkstalkers may have high int but they may not cast high level sorceries, you may only do this for high damage out of magic weapons.
3. Spooks may not wield anything but daggers as weapons.
4. Strength should be kept as low as possible. If your strength is above 14 or so you can probably save some points and lower it.
5. Remember, Spooks and Chaos Sorcerers are essentially glass cannons and are rather advanced builds. Tread cautiously.
6. There is no "ultimate" build here, there is always a give and take and that is half of the intent of the building and level cap.


You are very limited in your choice of armor. You must use light armor. As a general rule if the Wiki says that the armor is "light armor" then it is allowed. You are encouraged to use darker sets of armor such as black leather, shadow garb and the gold hemmed robes. Here is a list of accepted armors for use in this covenant. Please note if a piece of armor you'd like to use is not on this list it is not allowed in the covenant. The armors are shown how they appear on the wiki page, please see the armors page to get the list of individual pieces of each set.

Wanderer Set
Thief Set
Hunter Set
Sorcerer Set
Shadow Set
Black Sorcerer Set
Antiquated Set
Maiden Set
Hollow Thief Set
Painted Guardian Set
Dingy Set
Big Hats Set
Gold Hemmed Set
Black Set
Gwyndolyn's Set
Witch Set
Marvellous Chester's Set

Weapons and Shields

You are limited to using smaller weapons in this covenant. Normal swords, fist weapons, daggers, curved swords, katana's, whips, bows and crossbows are all allowed. However great swords, ultra great swords, axes, hammers, pole weapons and the dragon slayer greatbow are all off limits. *Its suggested that if you are within this covenant you only upgrade str to the point where it allows you to wield your weapon of choice. Below is a list of acceptable weapons and shields you may use. Weapons and shields that do not appear on the list may not be used.
Fist Weapons
Dark Hand
Bare Fists/Dragon Bare Fists
Ghost Blade
Bandits Knife
Parrying Dagger
Priscilla's Dagger
Dark Silver Trace

Short Sword
Long Sword
Barbed Straight Sword
Sunlight Straight Sword
Balder Side Sword
Silver Knight Straight Sword
Crystal Straight Sword
Mail Breaker
Ricard's Rapier
Velka's rapier

Curved Swords
Quelaag's Furysword
Painting Guardian Sword
Jagged Ghost Blade
Chaos Blade
Gold Tracer

Notched Whip
Guardian Tail
Bows and Crossbows
Light Crossbow
Heavy Crossbow
Sniper Crossbow
Short Bow
Composite Bow
Long Bow
Black Bow of Pharris

Small Leather Shield
Leather Shield
Target Shield
Crystal Ring Shield
Dark Hand

Rings and Other Items

Banned: Ring of Favor and Protection, Dark Wood Grain Ring

All other rings are allowed. There are many other rings to use that will help you much more for this style of play.

Here are some recommended rings, along with why:

Hornet Ring: Sort of self explanatory as this ring boosts critical damage.
Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring: This ring boosts the power of sorcery making it good for use alongside powerful spells.
Lingering Dragoncrest Ring: This ring lengthens the duration of spells, making you need to cast fall control, weapon buffs, hidden body and so forth less often during an invasion.
Wolf Ring: This ring gives you 40 poise, being unable to equip armors with poise this can help you get off an extra parry attempt, or walk through a r1 combo to get a bs.
Hawk Ring: This ring boosts the range and damage with bows. In combination with a strong bow you can take out targets from a distance.
Ring of Fog: Despite what many will say, post patch this ring is still quite useful. With the right colored armor on you can be nearly invisible to your enemy.
Cloranthy Ring: This ring boosts stamina regeneration and can come in handy during a long fight, or while trying to outrun your enemy.
Dusk Crown Ring: For spooks and Chaos Sorcerers this can be very useful in conjunction with the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring and the Tin Crystallization Catalyst. It halves hp and doubles castings.

All consumables are up for use and I encourage creative use of prism stones, firebombs, dung pies, poison knives and pine resins.

Magic and Pyromancies:

Here's a list of magic and pyrmancies used by the covenant, their proper uses and who may use them. Note Trapmasters do not face these restrictions. Also note some sorceries are left out but still available for use, only the pyromancies listed may be used however.

Soul Arrow, Heavy, Great and Great Heavy: These spells are usable by all members and faces no restrictions. These spells can deal good damage as well as frustrate enemies and chip their health away.
Homing Soul Mass, Crystal Homing Soul Mass: These spells are restricted to Spooks and Chaos Sorcerers. This spell can force enemies to keep their distance, but do face glitches in pvp.
Hush: This spell is usable by all members. This spell completely silences your character. Be careful however, the aura around your feet can give your location away.
Cast Light: This spell is usable by all members, but is however situational.
Soul Spear, Crystal Soul Spear: This spell is reserved for the Spooks and Chaos Sorcerers. It will with correct stats and equipment one shot nearly any player. Use your few castings wisely.
Magic Weapon, Great Magic Weapon, Crystal Magic Weapon, Hidden Weapon: These may be used by all but will be best in the hands of the combat oriented.
Hidden Body: May be used by all members. Makes user transparent and in the right area with the right armor nearly invisible.
Chameleon: May be used by all members. Turns user into an object from the environment. Be careful as some people can tell whats a person and whats actually environmental.
Aural Decoy: May be used by all members, not very useful but can be misleading if used right.
White Dragon Breath: Reserved for the Spooks alone, this spell is deadly in the right hands.
Fall Control: May be used by all covenant members. Negates damage from most falls, can be useful to skip ahead in the level to set traps for a foe, or to trick them into losing a lot of health by falling to chase you.

The following are pyromancies and may only be used by the Chaos Sorcerers and Trapmasters.
Chaos Fire Whip: Can deal high damage to an unsuspecting foe, the lava left can block passages temporarily.
Acid Surge: Damages equipment, can cause other players to panic or clear an area.
Chaos Storm: Creates pillars of fire and leaves lava. Can deal high damage and make an area un-walkable for a short amount of time.
Chaos Fireball: Throws a large fire that leaves lava behind. It deals high damage and in the right hands has many different uses.
Poison and Toxic mist: Cause poison or toxin to a foe, can cause players to panic and clear an area.
Great combustion: Fast and powerful spell. Short range. Only chaos sorcerers may use this one

Covenant Tactics and Ethics

Your goal as an Assassin of Vinheim is to use stealth, deception, cunning and reflexes to out wit, out play and out match your target. If you're playing right, your target won't know what hit them. You are encouraged not to go in mashing r1 hoping to stunlock your opponent. Use spells like hidden body and chameleon to mask your presence and sneak around waiting for the perfect backstab. Use the spell aural decoy to misguide your target and fall control to quickly escape into an area they must walk around to reach. Set traps by dropping items and leading them to where you want them. You are allowed to be a member of other user made covenants, but this can diminish your chances of getting assassination contracts.

In PvE all covenant rules are out the door as you are allowed to play the game in any gear you wish. If you are invaded during PvE you are not required to switch gear or change tactics to fit the covenant. The only time you are expected to abide by covenant rules are when you are actively participating in covenant events.

On the forums you are expected to be a contributing member. In the game you are an assassin but in the forums you are a resource. Use your knowledge of PvP to help those who are less knowledgeable. If you happen to receive a message through PSN or XBL while invading you are asked to defend your honor in an honorable way. Realize that some people will be mad at you for this style of play. Also keep your gesturing classy. No "well what is it" and so on after a fight. Also, don't send hatemail, no matter how unfair your defeat might have been.

If you happen to be invaded by a know covenant member who is in clear violation of these rules you are asked to first contact them about the issue. It is likely that they are invading as a character who they do not have enrolled in this covenant. Since the covenant does not limit you to only being a part of it this is a very likely situation especially for people who have many builds. The covenant is based on an honor system. If you have a persisting issue with another member of the covenant do not post it on the forums or wiki, contact either the Covenant Lord or one of the Dukes and it will get taken care of.

Hiring the Assassins

The Assassins of Vinheim may be hired to Assassinate a certain player or target a certain covenant. For this to happen you must contact either the covenant Lord or one of the Dukes through the forums. Compensation is required and will be discussed depending on the scale of the assassination taking place. Compensation can be anything from weapons and armor, to humanity and upgrade stones. You must be able to provide information on the target/targets such as where they are currently playing and such. You may let the member you contacted choose which assassin you hire, or you may choose one yourself. There are a few types of assassinations we can preform and fine details will be worked out on an individual basis as well as payment.

General Assassination: If you'd like a certain group of players attacked you can pay us a fee and give us information such as sl, area they are in ect and we can attempt to assassinate them. This works best if you'd like a bit of help getting rid of farmers in a certain area. Payment is given prior to the attack.
Singular Assassinations: In order for us to assassinate a certain player you must be able to summon them to your world as well as summon an assassin. The assassin must be summoned as a red phantom. Payment is given after the summoned is assassinated.
Sabotage: You may contract the assassins as a group to sabotage a covenant event. Payment is given prior to attack.

Invasion Items

Invasion items for this covenant include Red Eye Orbs, Eyes of Death and Cracked Red Eye orbs. You may not invade with any other items. All factions of this covenant excluding Trapmasters MUST invade actively. It is not against any regulation to host on occasion but the goal of this covenant is to invade. Trapmasters are obviously exempt from this. It is recommended that you beat the four kings and acquire the Red Eye Orb or purchase a large number of Cracked Red Eye Orbs. If you are having trouble doing these other covenant members are ready and willing to help you. More experienced members need to be willing to help less experienced members out with Cracked Orbs, Humanity and Eye's of Death. Its not expected but being a good covenant member gives you rank faster than simply being a part of the covenant.


Ranking up in the covenant is as simple as being a member. Time in the covenant will rank you up. You may ask for an upgrade in rank or it may be given to you. Remember these are just for fun so if you don't get ranked up don't feel bad just ask politely. Special ranks (2/3) are given after members have preformed hired assassinations or done a great service to the covenant. When given rank 2 the assassin takes on new responsibilities within the covenant. Do not accept rank two unless you're ready for this. Rank 2 can be revoked without warning. Rank 1 can only be obtained if the current covenant Lord resigns. The rank will then be passed to the most capabe rank 2. Ranks go as follows:

1. All Knowing Covenant Lord- Self proclaimed rank given to the leader of the covenant. Cannot be earned, must be passed on.
2. Duke of _- Second in command, this custom rank may be held only by the most elite assassins who go above and beyond the call of the hunt.
3a. Black Sage - Rank given to the most devious and devout who cast powerful sorcery from the shadows.
3b. Lords Blade- Rank given to the most devious and devout who skillfully sink their blades into the backs of their foes.
3c. Burdened Sage-Rank given to the most devious and devout who use both sorcery and chaos fire.
3d. Grave Robber-Rank given to the most devious and devout who lure the foolish into their own world.
3e. Remnant- Rank given to the most devious and devout who use the form of the Dragonoid.
4a. Scholars- Given to devoted members who choose the path of sorcery over all else.
4b. Stalkers- Given to devoted members who chose the path of the blade over all else.
5. Journeyman- Given to members who have proved their hand by killing many from the dark.
6. Apprentice- Given to members who have made it apparent they would like to learn the way of the assassin.
7. Pupil- Entry rank.

Joining the Assassins

Joining the assassins is a simple pain free process. There are a few prerequisites before considering joining.

First off you must be a member of the Souls Series Wiki forums here:

Second you must be willing to follow the rules of the covenant as without them, you're just playing the game.

Lastly, with you application you must send your proposed build using the MugenMonkey calculator

Copy and paste this application then send it to either the Lord or one of the Dukes through the Souls Series Wiki Forums

1. Proposed build:
2. The strategy or idea behind your build:
3. If accepted would you be willing to dedicate one character to this covenant?
4. How often do you play online? out of that time how often would you be willing to play as an assassin?

Please note, your build may be rejected but ultimately we want everyone to have a chance to join. There are no wrong answers on the application.


Note: Please do not add yourself to the chart, message the covenant Lord or one of the Dukes to do so.

Forum/wiki Username


Character(s) Name




Covenant Rank

Join Date

Defining Character Trait


All Knowing Covenant Lord

Vinheim Spook
Vinheim Darkstalker
The Duke of Delusion: Lord's Right Hand
Glass Cannon
Vinheim Darkstalker

Knives, lots of them
Vinheim Spook
Vinheim Darkstalker


Vinheim Darkstalker


Vinheim Spook
I'm a vase

Vinheim Darkstalker


Vinheim Trapmaster


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