Asylum Demon

Location Undead Asylum
Health * NG: 825
NG+: 1,100
Souls * NG: 2,000
NG+: 10,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.5

Asylum Demon is a Boss in Dark Souls.

Asylum Demon Information

Large demon found during the tutorial in the Undead Asylum. This boss is very similar to the vanguard in Demon's Souls in both attack style and appearance in the story. After escaping from your cell and lighting the first bonfire, you will open a large set of doors leading to another courtyard surrounded by large vases. If you stand in the doorway and look up, you will see the Asylum demon waiting above the area at the far end. As you enter the room, he leaps down. You may either fight him then or escape out via a door on the left side of the area. If you evade him and escape through the far door, you will have to face him again later but with the benefit of having more equipment. During the second encounter, you will also drop down on him from above, giving you the opportunity to perform a powerful plunging attack to help even the odds. Killing the asylum demon during the first encounter(not escaping through the door) will get the Demon's great hammer as discussed below, while killing him during the second encounter will not.





Hammer Drive:

The Hammer Drive is a pinpoint attack that the Asylum Demon uses when you are standing right in front of him. Impossible to block, it has both poor range and tracking, so simply move out of the way when you see the Demon raise his hammer vertically.


Long Range Hammer:

Used when the player is on the other side of the room OR is generally farther away from the Asylum Demon. The Asylum Demon raises his club above/behind his head and then launches a straight forward long range attack with his hammer, which has slight area of effect upon impact. This attack can track your movement somewhat so beware of dodging too early.


Ground Pound:

The Ground Pound move is used when the player is very close to and in front of the Asylum Demon. It is characterized by the Demon flying up into the air momentarily, and thrusting its weight and hammer down into the ground, either crushing the player or damaging them with area of effect shock-waves. The resulting damage varies depending on how far the character is from the Demon, and has a range of about 10 feet, or roughly a little less than two character's heights. This attack will also track you, including when the Demon is in the air, so continue moving.
A variation of this attack involves the Demon flying up in the air, and then sweeping his hammer sideways from left to right while turning. This attack has good tracking and can easily knock a player down or into a wall. Rolling away from the attack at the beginning of the sweep is effective, but trying to circle past the Demon can result in a knockdown.


Platform Destruction:

If the player waits too long on the balcony area where a plunging attack can be done from, the Asylum Demon will fly up into the air and do an overhead smash destroying the platform. This can deal quite a bit of damage since there is the initial attack plus the falling damage. When entering the fog again after fighting the boss and dying or after resting at a bonfire the balcony will be repaired.



Starting from the ledge above the room, begin with a plunging attack to take off a large chunk of his health. It is recommended that you two hand your weapon for maximum damage and to do a jumping attack, instead of simply falling down from the ledge and pressing R1; it counts the jump attack damage along with the plunge attack.

The fight is not too difficult, as your foe is slow, and so are his attacks. Stay close to him and circle either to his right or left. Wait for him to begin any attack, and counter or just cycle around him and try to get behind his left leg so when he turns around he pushes you with him which enables you to almost constantly attack him without having to dodge. Players with offensive spells or pyromancies can also elect to stand off and simply kill him with ranged attacks, although you will not obtain the proper catalysts or pyromancy flame until after the first encounter. It is not recommended that you spend too much time on the ledge above him, however, as after a few seconds, he performs a jumping attack, destroying the ledge and taking away a chunk of your health as well.

To receive his Demon's Great Hammer you must slay him the very first time you meet him, before going through the door to the left where most of your equipment is found. It is also possible to obtain another Demon's Great Hammer later after returning to the Asylum, if you trade a Sack to Snuggly. So do not worry if you are unable to defeat the Asylum Demon the first time you face it.

While defeating the Asylum Demon during the first encounter in NG can be difficult due to a lack of good equipment and no Estus flask(s), it can be accomplished either through careful maneuvering or selection of an appropriate starting Gift. Although the Master Key is generally recommended as a starting Gift, selection of the Black Firebomb(s) will enable players to kill the Asylum Demon easily during the first encounter and obtain his Demon's Great Hammer. Notably, Thief characters automatically begin the game with the Master Key in addition to their starting Gift, so starting the game as a Thief and choosing the Black Firebombs is an easy way to obtain both the Master Key and the Demon's Great Hammer very early in the game.

Defeating the Asylum Demon during your first encounter in New Game Plus and beyond is trivial, as you begin the new game with all your equipment and spells retained.


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