*Benki's Thievin' Build*

"Tey see me thievin..."

This is my first ever build and i think it works pretty good :)


- SL 125 -

VIT-36, ATT-14 END-60, STR-12, DEX-35, RES-11, INT-9 FTH-30


Dark Wood Grain Ring, (Build adjusted to recent patch)

Cloranthy Ring / Ring of FaP (Recommended)


Mask Of The Child/Mask Of The Father

Armor Of Thorns + 5

Dark Gauntlets + 5

Painting Guardian Waistcloth +5


LEFT HAND : Darkmoon Talisman

Grass Crest Shield / Empty Hand

RIGHT HAND : Painting Guardian Sword +15

Magic Composite Bow +5 (Moonlight Arrows)


Sunlight Blade

Wrath Of The Gods

Great Lightning Spear

This build works really good for me but took alot of work to get all the items. If your wearing mask of the child do not equip cloranthy ring. Also if you are a member of darkmoon blade use that instead as it is stronger.

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