This build is based of ''Guts'' from the anime series ''Berserk'', It Consists of High Damage STR Weapons and features the Infamous Avelyn, Starring as his Repeating Cross Bow. It Will Be Elemental. This Build Is More like a Cosplay but if you are a Skilled Player, The Places Where I PVP are the Kiln of the first flame, this is where almost nobody plays dirty......I said almost. Its located at the end of the game before you fight Gwyn, Lord of Cinder. Dark Wood Forest / Basin, This Place is full of invasions and invades, but most of the time everyone plays dirty. Catacombs / tomb of the giants, I Love this Place <3!!!! Although You risk Falling of the edges, cliffs ETC. You Either Lose Your Shield for skull lantern, or put it in an extra Slot, You Must Need To constantly use the ''cast light'' Spell, or lose added protection from your helmet and switching it to The Sunlight Maggot.


-Anything (Although Guts Does Wear Helmets, his helmet Broke in Episode 2. So its your choice which helmet you want to use).
-Balder Armor +9 / 10 ( This resembles guts Armor at Early Episodes, Provides 89.5 at +10, provides 4 Poise less than the Eastern Armor so that's 16, this has 109.6 Slash Protection).
-Elite Knight Gauntlets +9 / 10 (From what I see, Guts Uses Leatherishy Cloth Gloves on his Right Hand But Steel Gauntlet on his Left, Elite Knight's Gauntlets Easily Resembles that and on top of that it also provides decent protection).
-Brigand Trousers +9 / 10 ( I always hear people say that its the best light armor in the game, it has a very light weight of 1.8, and it has a belt to cover that spot that the balder armor leaves open, as in you can see my belly).


-Great Lord Great Sword +5 (Pure Damage, Looks Like Guts Sword, weighs 8.0 and when I look at the Wiki, it Does 370 Base Damage and Scales With STR and DEX Equally with D for Each, Has an Over Head Smash for Both Two Handed and One Handed RT / R2).
-Un-upgraded Pyromancy Flame (Use It For ''Power Within'' It Gives as much Damage Boost as Ascended +5 flame But with less Damage Over Time).
-Lightning Avelyn +5 ( It Fires just like his repeating crossbow...just 5x Hotter than the surface of the sun).
This Build doesn't even use a shield although you can use the Pyromancy flame on RH and a Shield on left).

Great Lord Great Sword Move Set

RH one Handed Normal Attack- A horizontal slash that reaches all of the front part of you and half backwards, Great Range.
RH one Handed Heavy Attack- Over Head Smash, High Damage but Slow.
RH Two Handed Normal Attack- Fast Attack, Goes Over The Shoulder and Hits Hard and Fast.
RH Two Handed Heavy Attack- Follows same technique as One Handed Heavy Attack, Just does more damage.




-Use the same tactics as Guts does when he is fighting, Guard break in an form, kick is temporary but if they are blocking it pushes they're shield away, but Stamina will Remain. Consecutive Attacks will drop they're Stamina not instantly but fast, depending on the Player's Shield.

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