Black Firebomb

Black bisque urn filled with black powder. Explodes, inflicting fire damage.
Powerful ranged weapon, especially in situations called for fire damage. A very precious item at low levels.
Black Firebombs are especially destructive

Black Firebomb is a Projectiles in Dark Souls.


Black Firebomb Usage

  • Throwable item. Deals heavy fire damage.
  • Black Firebombs do 21 poise damage.


Black Firebomb Location

  • Receive 10 as an optional Gift upon character creation.
  • Sold by Crestfallen Merchant for 500 souls.
  • Sold by Marvelous Chester for 800 souls.
  • Treasure x5: Chest at the back of the first open residence, after the bonfire, in Undead Burg.
  • Video Location Timestamp 5:40
  • These bombs (if conserved) can be very useful in Capra Demon's fight. They can be thrown at the demon from atop the staircase while he is slowly walking to the bottom of the stairs, dishing out a considerable chunk of his health before engaging in melee with him. Limited number of Black Firebombs can be compensated with normal Firebombs, making it possible to kill the Capra Demon without having to melee him at all.





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