Black Knights

Lord Gwyns trusted knights litter the land of Lordran and are clad in fine black armor with a matching shield. Depening on where you meet one, they wield a variety of remarkable weapons that are unique to them; including Swords, Great Swords, Great-axes and Halberds. They often guard rare treasure in earlier levels and in later levels they are placed to hinder progress

While their attacks are very powerful, they're also very vulnerable to a parry by the player, quickly followed by a riposte attack. The slow recovery time on many of their attacks means it is also usually fairly easy to line them up for a backstab, provided you manage to avoid or block their powerful attacks. In addition, many spells and pyromancies are effective, particularly those which arc and can be timed to go under their shield even if they are blocking (such as the various fireball type Pyromancies, which also have the benefit of an AoE explosion).

Each variant has a chance to drop their respective weapon or their shield once defeated and they all also drop a Titanite Chunk of varying colour depending on their location too. Their armour set is found in the last area of the game. With the exception of the five that are in Kiln of the First Flame, they do not respawn once killed.


Undead Burg

Easy Killing Strategy: After clearing your way to the watchman´s tower approach him lightly and get one free hit while he is turning. Lure him back up the stairs into the small area where you fought the three Armored Zombies (two Axe wielders and one Firebomb thrower). There is a ladder leading up the roof over the small garden. If you are a sorcerer/pyromancer you may try one free spell hit as soon as you climb. The Knight will try to circle you and move to the other side of the roof. Since he can't climb up he will be waiting below on the opposite side from where you have climbed up. Simply move to the small balcony and do a falling strike on him. Be on your step to dogde roll away from any strike and repeat the process. This should take more than 2 or 3 hits. You may also pick him up with arrows from the balcony, but it will take some time. This is a particularly good tip for low level characters as he yields 800 souls and this will clear your way to the Blue Tearstone Ring .

Undead Parish

  • Top of the tower above the The Bridge Wyvern
  • Wields a Great-sword and a shield.
  • Drops a Titanite Chunkand 1200 souls.
  • A chance to drop a Black Knight's Greatsword or a Black Knight Shield.
  • To easily kill this Black Knight simply go past him and kill all the hollows around the gate that leads to The red dragon. Then lure the Black Knight out of the tower and stand behind the stakes that are on fire. Every time he attacks the fire will damage him and kill him.

Darkroot Basin

Northern Undead Asylum

Northern Undead Asylum - Cell

  • In Undead Asylum (after returning) guarding the cell the game started in.
  • Wields a Sword and a Shield.
  • Drops a Red Titanite Chunk and 1200 souls.
  • A chance to drop a Black Knight Shield or a Black Knight Sword

The Catacombs

Tomb of Giants

  • In the Tomb of Giants, past the first Fog Gate, with the two Skeleton Beasts and a Skelton Archer.
  • Wields Halberd and Shield.
  • Drops a White Titanite Chunk and 1200 souls.
  • A chance to drop Black Knight Halberd and Black Knight Shield.

Kiln of The First Flame

  • All Four Versions.
  • All Re-spawn.
  • All weapons from any Black Knights previously encountered can drop from respective Knights (Black Knight Shield, Halberd, Greataxe, Greatsword, Black Knight Sword and red, blue, white, and regular x2 titanite chunks).
  • There are a total of five Black Knights. The first Black Knight drops a Titanite Chunk, second drops a Red Titanite Chunk, third drops a Titanite Chunk, fourth drops a White Titanite Chunk, and the last, fifth one drops a Blue Titanite Chunk. Each of these drops appears to be a nearly 100% guaranteed drop, making for excellent farming. The use of a Gold Covetous Ring or other drop increasing items will also result in fairly common drops of the above shield and various weapons.
  • The five Knights are the only foes in the area, and are encountered starting at the bottom of the large entry staircase. They are far enough apart to be easily tackled one at a time. The third Knight is located in the middle of some potentially treacherous walkways, but is easily lured backwards onto more solid ground due to his aggressive pursuit tactics. The other four can generally be fought right in the areas where they are encountered (the first two in the ash dunes, the last two on the long winding stair leading down to the boss gate).
  • 1475hp at newgame+.

Warning: Unlike most other foes, Black Knights will not reset to their Spawning Point upon usage of a Bonfire. They also have their entire HP restored, even when they are not reset. They will keep doing what they were doing BEFORE you rested at a Bonfire. In other words, running to a Bonfire and activating it will not save you from a pursuing Black Knight, unlike nearly every other enemy in the game, with the added negative of healing the Knight of any damage you may have already inflicted. Black Knights also seem to pursue more aggressively and for a longer distance than many other foes.
  • All Black Knights found in the game appear to be dead, nothing but phantoms.
  • Black Knights were originally Silver Knights
  • Black Knights use larger weapons than what they originally were; Silver Knights, to combat their new foe: Chaos Demons from New Izalith when they tried to retrieve the Witch of Izalith's fraction of the Lord Soul. Because of these fights their armors are scorched black.
  • As a general rule, sword wielding knights drop normal titanite chunks, greatsword wielding knights drop drop red titanite chunks, great axe wielding knights drop white titanite chunks and halberd knights normally drop blue chunks.
  • This is more to do with the area they are found in than the weapon they use however.

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      Size25 Mar 2016 13:48  

      I think the Black Knights are much taller than the Silver Knights whom are around the height of our charcters. So I think they can't be originally silver knights. I view them as elite versions of Gwyn's knights, a rank higher than the Silver Knights.

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