Black Knight Halberd +5

physical_damage_dark_souls.jpg 367 critical_dark_souls 100
magic_damage_dark_souls.jpg - stability_dark_souls.jpg 26
fire_damage_dark_souls.jpg - durability_dark_souls 300
lightning_damage_dark_souls.jpg - weight_dark_souls 14.0
Requirements & Bonus
strength_dark_souls.jpg dexterity_dark_souls.jpg intelligence_dark_souls.jpg faith_dark_souls.jpg
32 18
Weapon Type Halberd
Attack Type Slash
Enchantable No
Special No

Black Knight Halberd is a Weapon in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.



Halberd of the black knights who wander
Lordran. Used to face chaos demons.

The large motion that puts the weight of the
body into the attack reflects the great size
of their adversaries long ago.

How to Get / Where to Find the Black Knight Halberd


Hints and Note

  • Give to Frampt to receive 100 souls.
  • Uniquely, The Black Knight Halberd can outdamage  the Black Knight Greataxe and the Black Knight Sword at 40 strength and 40 dexterity. 
  • As with all heavy weapons, a plunging attack with the Black Knight Halberd is an effective way to kill the Taurus Demon and Asylum Demon.
  • The one-handed heavy attack seemingly strikes twice. The first "strike" however is not an attack and is a part of the wind-up leading to the actual strike. Uniquely, in Dark Souls 3 this was corrected and the first strike is considered a hit. 
  • The two-handed heavy attack has slightly shorter wind-up time to strike compared to the one-handed heavy attack. 

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Black Knight Halberd Upgrade Table

Unique Upgrades for weapon are performed by all blacksmiths, or with the Weapon Smithbox.
Regular Reinforcement Scales 44% for strength_dark_souls.jpgStrength and 2% for dexterity_dark_souls.jpgDexterity to increase your AR.
To reach max, you need: 10,000 souls and 10 twinkling_titanite_dark_souls Twinkling Titanite.


  Attack Values Parameter Bonuses Auxiliary Effects Damage Reduction (%) Stability
Black Knight Halberd physical_damage_dark_souls.jpg magic_damage_dark_souls.jpg fire_damage_dark_souls.jpg lightning_damage_dark_souls.jpg strength_dark_souls.jpg dexterity_dark_souls.jpg intelligence_dark_souls.jpg faith_dark_souls.jpg divine_dark_souls.jpg occult_dark_souls.jpg physical_defense_dark_souls.jpg magic_defense_dark_souls.jpg fire_defense_dark_souls.jpg lightning_defense_dark_souls.jpg stability_dark_souls.jpg
Regular 245 0 0 0 D E - -  - 40 10 30 30 26
Regular +1 (1xtwinkling_titanite_dark_souls) 269 0 0 0 D E - - 40 10 30 30 26
Regular +2 (1xtwinkling_titanite_dark_souls) 294 0 0 0 D E - - 40 10 30 30 26
Regular +3 (2xtwinkling_titanite_dark_souls) 318 0 0 0 D E - - 40 10 30 30 26
Regular +4 (2xtwinkling_titanite_dark_souls) 343 0 0 0 D E - - 40 10 30 30 26
Regular +5 (4xtwinkling_titanite_dark_souls) 367 0 0 0 D E - -  - 40 10 30 30 26


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    • Anonymous

      Does anyone else just not use the second R1 attack? It feels super slow and has much less range than the first attack.

      • Anonymous

        uhm query, whats with all the hype on this weapon? its got the same stat requirements as the BKGS but the greatsword has better scaling and only 36 less base AR sooo could anyone explain the hype?

        • Anonymous

          Ignore all the “hurr durr this weapon is only for casuls” comments. I’ve been playing this game for 5 years and just now got to using it. So far it’s one of the most fun weapons I’ve used so don’t feel shame in using it.

          • Anonymous

            Switched to this for the final boss fight on my first play through and continueing on the 2nd run with it.
            Good range and somewhat fast animation for a big weapon like this.

            • Anonymous

              Is there any way to "secure" the weapon? I'm starting to speedrun the game but i got 1 Halberd in way more than 20 attempts. Not getting it kills the run (the one time i got it i missplay the next glitch, dumb of me).

              • Anonymous

                I highly recommend not getting this weapon if you are a new player. Most enemies will get one-shotted by this horrifyingly beautiful halberd and that takes away the spirit of Dark Souls. If you do this you've gone Hollow already.

                • I've been cleaning up the entire Weapons sections as well as the Classes sections removing misleading opinions and/or information and what I've seen here is by far of the most childish, poorly written and opinionated statements. This is especially bad considering it's on a Weapon that is powerhouse in which said statements are intentionally misleading the public. For those reading this comment post-edit, know that everything has been cleaned up and the facts are listed now. 

                  • Anonymous

                    Wait this is rare? I’m still on my first playthrough ever and I accidentally got it by slipping of a cliff and the dude locked onto me and jumped of lol

                    • Anonymous

                      I do mid level invasions (lvl 60), sometimes up to 100 in a day, this and the greatsword are BY FAR the most popular weapon choices for players within my level range. I could doge these in my sleep now. Both have too much recovery time and make for easy pickings. I will say these against light armor are devastating if contact is made but then again, ninja flips...

                      • Anonymous

                        First play on the Switch. Extemely lucky with the drop since it's a rare weapon. You don't understand how much fun this weapon is especially in PvP where they get hit even though, visually, they are out of my halberd's range.

                        • Anonymous

                          Well, there's that...

                          I decided to do a faith/dex build and was doing all the leg work to get all the good stuff before starting the main story progression. Started as a cleric and armor sucks so I wanted to get the brigand and crimson armor set. Wile I was already in that area I thought I might as well get the grass crest shield as well plus the bonfire would come in handy in case I got fried by the drakes. Of course there's the black knight there but I usually lock on and just keep my shield up until I'm past him. Got the shield and was about to reset at the bonfire when souls came in and so did the halberd! This game has screwed my luck so many times that I'll accept this as compensation lol.

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