Black Separation Crystal


This black crystal, long a symbol of farewell, is granted to banished Undead.
The crytal sends phantoms back to their homes, or sends you back to yours.
Beware of fickle use of this item if you intend to nurture relations

Black Separation Crystal is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls.


Black Separation Crystal PvP Usage

  • Used to send summoned White Phantoms back to their own world.
  • Used to leave the host's world as a summoned or invading Phantom.
  • Using this as an ally will give you +1 Sin in the Book of the Guilty.
  • If you are the host using it allows you to see your phantoms' online victories


Black Separation Crystal PvE Usage

  • Used to send summoned NPC Phantoms back to their own world.
    • Banished NPCs can not be re-summoned to the same world, even after resting at a bonfire.
    • Quit / reload to make their signs appear again.


Black Separation Crystal Location

  • Present upon game start.



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