Blacksmith Rickert of Vinheim

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Blacksmith Rickert of Vinheim is a Character in Dark Souls.


Rickert is found trapped in a cell with no intention to leave. After speaking to him you will learn that he is one of the best blacksmiths in Vinheim. This brings up the question of if he committed a crime to be put in that cell and, if he did, it must have been before New Londo was flooded for law exists no more in New Londo Ruins. It also brings up the question if he did commit a crime, then what did he do to make it so even HE doesn't wish for rescue or escape. He does mention that he feels that it would be better to stay in his cell than to risk leaving and going hollow.

This blacksmith will upgrade weapons giving them Magic and Enchanted properties.

  • Encountered in New Londo Ruins. After stepping off the elevator coming from Firelink Shrine, head down the stairs and stick to the right side, you will come across an undead laying on the edge near the water. Near the undead is a staircase which will lead down to Rickert who is trapped behind bars and doesn't wish to leave.
  • When given the Enchanted Ember  found in Darkroot Garden as wall as the Large Magic Ember in order to upgrade +5 Magic weapons to (up to) +5 Enchanted weapons or +10 Magic weapons respectively.


Blacksmith Rickert of Vinheim's Inventory

Sells icon intelligence Uses Slots Cost
Sorcery  Soul ArrowSoul Arrow 10 30 1 2,000
Heavy Soul ArrowHeavy Soul Arrow 12 12 1 4,000
sorcerers catalystSorcerer's Catalyst 10 - - 500


  • No items
  • 1000 Souls



  • Rickert can be touched with a spear through the bars. Be careful or you might hurt him and turn him against you. He doesn't get into a battle stance, but won't let you buy his services anymore.
  • Similar to Petrus of Thorolund, Rickert wears armor that cannot be achieved in the game. However, the armor is in the unused game files (Mage Smith Set).


Character Info

  • Armor: Mage Smith set (not available to players)
  • Left Hand: n/a
  • Right Hand: n/a
  • Rings: n/a
  • Spells: n/a
  • Special: n/a



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    • Anonymous

      at first, i thought that this guy had a really short hairstyle, because you can only see his hair from the front and under his hat, but after watching a video where a guy uses freecam to the camera into his cell, i realized that he actually has the male ponytail hair.

      • Anonymous

        Your go-to-guy for all the sorcerers who escaped the asylum. He's scamming us with his prices but at least you end up with a decent pool of magic to throw at the undead burg folks.

        • Anonymous

          He seems to be holding something in his lap. It looks like either a piece of paper or maybe a mask? Anybody know what it is?

          • Anonymous

            I have played through Dark Souls thrice, with 2 additional uncompleted NG+ attempts (uncompleted because I got bored, not because I sucked). I’m on my 4th playthrough, in which I am playing the Daughters of Ash mod, and I just found this guy accidentally after being teleported out of the Manus arena from the alternate DLC path. It teleported me directly to the staircase used to access this blacksmith. I was like, “F*cking WHAT?! There’s a BLACKSMITH HERE?! ALL THIS TIME, I COULD HAVE GOTTEN +5 GEAR BEFORE TAURUS?!”

            Funny thing is, I’ve always had this memory of finding a guy behind bars near the start of New Londo early in my very first playthrough, but I always kept it at the back of my mind and later I just assumed that the memory was some kind of false memory involving Firelink’s fire keeper, given that she is also behind bars in an area near to the New Londo Ruins. I wonder if I found Rickert before, but I didn’t complete his dialogue or I didn’t know the importance of blacksmiths yet.

            Dude, Dark Souls is super kind to new players. You can get +5 equipment, a fire keeper soul, and fight the easiest boss for the ability to hold up to 20 estus flasks as soon as you beat Asylum Demon. You also have access to some sweet crow trades and a godlike bleed weapon if you progress for a couple minutes and kill the first merchant. AND YOU CAN GET THE F*CKING ZWEIHANDER RIGHT OUT THE GATE, TOO! None of the other Souls games were this kind to new players. Kinda sucks, as I like having all these options that I can either choose to use or avoid that can augment my experience to be as easy or as difficult as I make it.

            • Anonymous

              I never tried this before but today I decided to see if he could be kill with the miracle Wrath of the Gods. He has a surprising amount of hp, but the answer is yes, lol.

              • Anonymous

                How to survive in dark souls world if you are not a chosen undead or ashen one?
                This is the answer! Crestfallen bros always get hope after you have accomplished something, then they die... Be crestfallen completely like this black smith and do some interesting activities to help the chosen guy and get soul to reverse your hollowing. Wait until the chosen guy links the fire, problem solved!
                Never trust your own strength!

                • Anonymous

                  I found out about this dude on my third play through, would rather chill with andre or the giant blacksmith. Rickert is kind of a bummer hang.

                  • Anonymous

                    He is presumably imprisoned because he is undead, not because of any crime. Upon meeting him he asks the player "how did you escape?" and the game tells you in the opening that undead are corralled into Lordran and imprisoned. The player has committed no crimes (presumably) but they are undead, so he must be imprisoned for being undead. Also, characters get captured and imprisoned all the time for little reason.

                    • Anonymous

                      He isn’t even trapped, the cell is missing a bar which leaves enough space to exit ... he chills there entirely by his own will.

                      • Anonymous

                        It should be added here that giving him the Large Magic Ember will allow him to upgrade +5 magic weapons to +10

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