Blade of the Dark Moon


Souvenirs Rewards
0 Blue Eye Orb
10 Darkmoon Blade and Darkmoon Talisman
30 Darkmoon Blade Miracle power increases to 2.0 * Magic Adjust
80 Darkmoon Blade Miracle power increases a second time to 2.1 * Magic Adjust

Blade of the Dark Moon
is a Covenant in Dark Souls. This is the in-game covenant that serves Dark Sun Gwyndolin, the last remaining deity in Anor Londo. By joining this Covenant, you agree to serve Gwyndolin as a dispenser of justice (or assassin), doling out punishment to those who break the rules of their respective covenants or otherwise earn Sin sufficient to open them up to being invaded by Covenant members.

The Blade of the Darkmoon's primary objective is to assassinate other players who have sinned (PvE sin/Pvp sin - killing NPCs or players, betraying covenants, killing Gwyndolin or darkening Anor Londo ).The Book of the Guilty item is listing every player and their sin level (however, some sin stats may not appear). As the book's description explains: "The goddess of Sin Velka oversees this list of the guilty, who have disrespected the Gods or their covenants, and shall one day face the wrath of the Blades of the Darkmoon."

Covenant members can invade in two ways. They can use their Blue Eye Orb to invade any area of the game open to multiplayer interaction, or equip the Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring to be summoned by Gwyndolin into the Dark Anor Londo of a sinner. In either instance, the Covenant member will appear as a blue phantom, and the victim will be informed that they have been invaded by "spirit of vengeance" followed by the Dark Moon Blade's user name.
Successfully punishing a sinning player by killing them can (but does not always) result in the Darkmoon Blade obtaining a Souvenir of Reprisal, which is used to rank up within the Covenant. To aid his followers, depending on Covenant rank Gwyndolin will also give a Covenant member a powerful Talisman and weapon buff miracle, as discussed further below.

Players who are not in the Covenant are nonetheless encouraged to carry and use Indictments on players who invade and defeat them, as the resulting accumulation of Sin by their attackers will expose those attackers to being invaded in turn by vengeance-seeking Dark Moon Blades. Unlike Sin obtained from killing NPCs or betraying covenants, indictment-based Sin cannot be removed by speaking with Carim, and will forever mark the player as a target for the Darkmoon Blades.

You cannot use Indictment on a spirit of vengeance, but you can still use it if the Blade of the Darkmoon player didn't invade you by using Blue Eye Orb or Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring (so, they are not labelled as a spirit of vengeance).
Being killed by a spirit of vengeance reduce your sin level by 1. However, even if your sin level is equal to 0 (it cannot decrease under), you can still be invaded by players in this covenant if your Anor Londo is darkened.


1. You must have the Darkmoon Seance Ring, found in the Catacombs, in your possession. You must also have access to Anor Londo.
2. Go to the large rotating elevator in the middle of Anor Londo. Move the lever so that it makes the elevator go all the way down and continue down the stairs to reach the Darkmoon Tomb bonfire. (Note: This requires that you have the ability to move the elevator).
3. Equip the Darkmoon Seance Ring and the nearby statue will vanish. Go through the opening and down the stairs towards the fog wall, but do not enter. As you approach the fog wall you will hear Gwyndolin speaking and when he is finished you will be able to kneel on the carpet in front of the fog wall in order to access the Darkmoon Blades covenant. ( Side note: You do not actually need to have the "Kneel" Gesture, this is a context kneel, just press A / X and you'll kneel.)
4. Accept and join the covenant.
5. You will receive a Blue Eye Orb and Blade of the Darkmoon ring that you can use for invading other players.

Note: If you ever enter the fog you will be attacked by Gywndolin. Doing so constitutes betraying the Darkmoon Blades if you are a member of the covenant, meaning you will be kicked out. Regardless of whether or not you were in the Darkmoon Blades when entering the fog you will be unable to rejoin the covenant until you absolve your sin with Oswald of Carim. If you kill Gwyndolin, the Darkmoon Blades will be unavailable for the rest of the playthrough. It's also worth noting that you can kill Gwynevere, absolve your sins, and still join the the covenant. After absolving your sins, Anor Londo's firekeeper will still remain hostile, but despite the dialogue "Gwyndolin, this man is a threat" when you kill them, this does not break the covenant.


Effects of covenant

  • Players can use the Blue Eye Orb to invade players who have sinned. This method of invasion does alert the target and may be used in any area where multiplayer is permitted, not just Anor Londo.
  • Players with the Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring equipped will be summoned to invade another player's sunlight-less Anor Londo (Like with the Cat Covenant Ring, you do not have to be in Anor Londo to be summon and invade). This method also alerts the target of being invaded.
  • The invaded player can still challenge the area boss. If they do this and kill it, you will fail and be sent back to your world.
  • You can still be invaded by members of the Darkmoon Covenant, by normal or Darkmoon's invading methods.
  • You do not have to be in human form to use the Blue Eye Orb
  • You can use the Blue Eye Orb in any area, even if you have already killed the boss
  • Unlike Red Eye Orb (Cracked Red Eye Orb), you can invade the same person in the same location infinitely even if you have failed previous attempt by using Blue Eye Orb. In contrast, when you have failed attempt by using Red Eye Orb, the host (your target) must change the location and do come back to the location when you have invaded previously (either by re-entering the game).
  • Darkmoon Blade members invade as a "Spirit of Vengeance", and appear as a blue phantom, when invading via Darkmoon items.
  • The Blue Eye Orb and Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring share level restrictions based on the invader's level. The formulas for Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered Edition are different. The formula for the original game is:
    • Lower Level Limit: x - (50 + 20% of x)
    • Upper Level Limit: x + (10 + 10% of x)
    • This means a level 100 Darkmoon can invade others who are levels 30 - 120.
  • The formula in the Remastered Edition is:
    • Lower Level Limit: x - (x * 10%)
    • Upper Level Limit: x + 20 + (x * 10%)
    • This is the same as for the Red Eye Orb and therefore offers no advantage for being a higher level.
  • To be eligible to be invaded by a Darkmoon, you must have Sin. Sin is typically acquired by:
    • Attacking/Killing NPCs (there are a few exceptions to this)
    • Betraying a Covenant (there are also some exceptions to this)
    • Being indicted by a player that you invade and successfully kill
  • Sin that results from being indicted is NOT removed by Requesting Absolution from Oswald. As discussed above, this Sin also exposes the sinner to higher and higher level Dark Moon Blade invasions as it accumulates.
  • Being killed by a spirit of vengeance reduce your sin by 1
  • Unconfirmed: I have a character with no sin (according to Oswald) and I was recently invaded by a Darkmoon spirit of vengeance while in Sen's Fortress. My account has 0 sin (I've never successfully invaded, and the book of the guilty lists me at 0 sin) I did abandon the forest hunter covenant improperly with this character, however, I requested absolution from Oswald since then. I suspect that abandoning a covenant improperly flags you for Darkmoon and that absolution from Oswald does not clear this. Can anyone else confirm 0 sin invasions? (PC: PTD edition)
  • Unconfirmed: 0 sin, 0 indictments (never invaded), was invaded by a spirit of vengeance in sunlit anor londo, O/S not killed.


Rank Requirements

The Blade of the Darkmoon covenant requires Souvenir of Reprisal to level your rank. This drops from people you kill that are listed in the Book of the Guilty, but however, it is not a guaranteed drop. Souvenirs of Reprisal will also drop rarely from Harpies in the Painted World of Ariamis.

Rank Souvenirs Rewards
0 0 Blue Eye Orb and Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring
+1 10 Darkmoon Blade and Darkmoon Talisman
+2 30 Darkmoon Blade Miracle power increases to 2.0 * Magic Adjust
+3 80 Darkmoon Blade Miracle power increases a second time to 2.1 * Magic Adjust


Note: The increase of damage of Darkmoon Blade Miracle during Rank +2 and Rank +3 seem to be the same.

Betrayal Penalties

  • Crossing the fog into the Darkmoon Tomb will cause Betrayal.
  • If you betray the Darkmoon Blades you will be evicted from the covenant.
  • You will also lose the ability to use Darkmoon Blade, but will still retain the spell.

Note: Even if you have already killed Gwyndolin and Gwynevere, you can still be invaded in Dark Anor Londo.

Tips and Strategy


Blue Eye Orb Invasions

The Blue Eye Orb can be used to attempt to invade sinning players in any area that permits multiplayer (i.e., not in the Northern Undead Asylum, Valley of the Drakes, the Great Hollow, or Ash Lake). An excellent place to invade is Tomb of the Giants.

  • The Tomb of the Giants is completely dark, which requires the host to either give up their shield (for Skull Lantern), their helmet (for Sunlight Maggot), or have at least 14 Intelligence (for Cast Light). So this can immediately put you at an advantage.
  • Very strong enemies are present there. The Skeletal Dogs in particular are very dangerous for the host.
  • There are numerous cliffs and narrow ledges after exiting the cave, and also the area around both bonfires is small with a large cliff. If you have at least 28 faith (which is very common for a Darkmoon Blade build, since you need 30 faith for Darkmoon Blade), Wrath of Gods or Force can easily push someone off of the cliff to their death.
  • You can go to the room with the Skeleton Babies and farm humanity while waiting to invade. For even more invasions, wear the Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring.
  • Tomb of Giants is fairly late in the game; by this point, most people have acquired some sin and are thus eligible to be invaded by Darkmoons.

Another excellent place to invade is Sen's Fortress, especially around level 50 or so.

  • Most high level players avoid returning to the place due to the fact there is not much to farm there plus previous experiences with the fortress could leave them unwilling to return and run through the traps a second time.
  • It is reasonably dark and elaborate, with plenty of places to hide. (Conversely, this can make finding your target difficult)
  • If you're experienced enough, you can use the traps to your advantage, adding another layer of danger for your target to deal with.
  • It's late enough in the game that, chances are, some of the players there have acquired some sin.

Invasions in the Undead Burg or Parish at all levels (including both low level and up to 120 and beyond) can also be very effective.

  • Due to certain intentional user glitches related to the Bottomless Box, many "new" characters in the area will retain the sin of prior characters or playthroughs, exposing players to Dark Moon Blade invasions even if they just started a new game. The ability to punish those glitchers via invasions adds another dimension to the role of the Dark Moon Blades as enforcers of the Gods' will and laws.
  • Many players now intentionally leave the Taurus demon alive to preserve the Burg for higher level coop when nearing endgame, allowing for high level Dark Moon Blade invasions, and victims that likely have accumulated Sin in their playthroughs.

Sunlit Anor Londo is also a popular place to invade. In addition to being themely for Dark Moon Blades to punish sinners in Gwyndolin's city, it has high player foot traffic at the right levels, and high levels of PvP.

  • This means that a Dark Moon Blade has a good chance of encountering hosts that have already used up a lot of spells, Estus, and resources dealing with the challenging computer enemies and other invaders, and spirits of vengeance may also be assisted by other invaders (such as Darkwraiths).
  • In addition, many hosts die repeatedly due to the computer enemies and level design hazards, resulting in a free win.
  • Finally, the level has many areas for ambushes or open fights depending on your preferred play style, and many dangerous enemies that a Dark Moon Blade can use to slow down the host and their summons, or get breathing room to heal (such as the Titanite Demon).


Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring Invasions

Often times there will be people farming Dark Anor Londo invaders. You will often find yourself in a 1v2 or 1v3 when you arrive to Dark Anor Londo. There are a couple of ways to even the odds:

  • You can lure the host + phantom(s) to nearby enemies. There are only a couple of good spots to run to from the spawn point:
    • If the rotating bridge hasn't been moved to a different floor, run across it and up the steps, into the room before Smough & Ornstein. There are 2 NPC enemies there, you can use them to help you
    • If the rotating bridge has been moved, you will have to go up the flying butress into the room with rafters containing the Painting Guardians. Walk along the rooftop rafters there, climb down the ladder, and take the rotating bridge back to the middle level.
    • Another excellent spot to run to is the area with the 2 Silver Knight Archers. This is one of the hardest spots in the game for many, and that's without an invader! You can use the archers to your advantage to kick the players off or use Wrath of the Gods or Force to knock them to their death.
  • You can run and wait for a 2nd invader to join in. The rooftop before the 2 archers is a great place to run to, since most players won't follow you there.
  • Darkwraiths can also invade players in Dark Anor Londo, as the sinning player must still be in human form to be invaded. Although it is possible for Darkwraiths and Dark Moon Blade phantoms to harm each other, each can still serve as a reinforcement for the other. It is also possible to have two Dark Moon Blades and a Darkwraith at the same time, further evening the odds. However, on occasion a Darkwraith and Dark Moon Blade may fight each other first before the victor goes after the host.
  • Rarely, when you be summoned with Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring, you appear as a White Phamtom.
  • If possible, run to the rotating bridge. There, backstabs and ripostes are impossible to perform. Cast Iron Flesh and hope that your opponents expire before you do.
  • It can occur that the host steps into the Gwyndolin fight right as you're about to invade them, which causes you to see the cutscene as a blue phantom. This doesn't count as betrayal to the Blade of the Darkmoon Covenant (You can't join the boss fight)
  • The Blue Eye Orb has level restrictions.


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      I think that the drop rate of all items, which drop by chance, is connected to a clock with subdivions of 0,1 s. The rarest drop chance of 0,2 %, which is the smallest drop chance in the game, that means that it got one time slot out of 600. Meaning a chance of 1/600 = 0,166 % ~ 0,2 %. So items which drop more often have just more time slots in the minute. And some timeslots are used for multiple items like a soul + a broken sword. But no 2 items of the same kind are assigned to the same slot. So there is nothing random about the drop chance at all. The game just reads a clock, internal or the mainboard one i dont know. This means that if the game uses the mainboard clock it would be possible to drastically increase the drop chance for each and every item if one would just learn the assigned time slots for the desired item at the enemy. And kill the enemy at the right moment. Say second 1 - 3 in each minute. I noticed this because the harpies both dropped the item when killed with the same stroke.

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        So you dont get invaded by the covenant in dark anor londo when Gwyndolin is dead? Forgot about this and it’s pretty lame since most people will just go kill him right after making it dark.

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          faith builds drooling at that talisman for 10 reprisals
          Oh boy. time to farm those wretched birds in the painted world

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            wow the amount of hate this covenant gets if you don't like it don't join it or if your just a pathetic no life who loves to ruin any form of fun and joy anyone has

            join DarkWraiths covenant you will fit right in and this is coming from a DarkWraith member most people in the same covenant have a competitive and no fun addiction

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                It really annoyed me when Gwyndolin said “tarnished it shall not be by the feet of men” to my female character

                • Anonymous

                  So is this Covenant still viable in the NON-remaster or is that game essentially dead? I ask for the NON-remaster for obvious reasons since the remaster is not only a slightly better DSfix for 20 bucks but the cutthroats apparently also had at least one butthurt darkwraith in their development team who was sad he got punished for hunting down noobs with his chaos zweihander in the undead burg.

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                    blade of the darkmoon guy : STOP RIGH THER CRIMINAL violated the law pay the court a fine or serve your sentence.

                    dark wraith guy : Resist arrest

                    blade of the darkmoon guy : The pay with your blood

                    whats the matter getting tired?brgrgbbbrrbbrrbrbrb!!!you shouldv paid the fine!!!

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                      “Note: Even if you have already killed Gwyndolin and Gwynevere, you can still be invaded in Dark Anor Londo.“

                      Can anybody confirm if this still happens in the remaster? I have a level 50 who invades in dark anor londo with both bosses killed and I’ve never once had a dark moon show up

                      • Anonymous

                        Being a darkmoon sucks in the remaster because they adjusted the matchmaking to the arbitrary range for darkwraith invasions which means you’re only at a disadvantage compared to them who don’t need a host to be guilty. Outside of oolacile township at high levels there’s no incentive to invade as a darkmoon instead of a darkwraith. I know I’m 2 years late to complain about this but I’ve only just gotten around to committing to the darkmoon covenant and it has been wholly disappointing. It also goes without saying that the original formula where you would invade lower levels as punishment for their sins gave the game more personality but they just threw that away in the re release for the sake of making everything basic and boring

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                          Would levelling up Darkmoon covenant also power up all other miracle spells such as Sunlight Blade, and Sunlight Spear?

                          • Anonymous

                            I felt like this page was a bit missleading when it came to the damage the blade gets at the next rank, the next rank doesnt double the damage it changes the sclaing from 1.8 x magic adjust to 2.0 x magic adjust

                            • is it worth getting the extra 50 ears to get the 2.1 multiplier or is it basically useless compared to the 2.0? I feel like its just kind of there for people that have way to many from invading and im guessing its not worth doubling the time to grind for the ears to get 80 instead of 30

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                                why is it not called blade of the darksun since they thats what they call it. they don't use the word "moon"

                                • Edit; Uh, from what I've gathered PVP Sin and PVE are different. PVE Sin does not effect Darkmoon Invasions. This is further backed up by people with no Sin getting invaded on rare occasions. No point in forgiving PVE Sin unless you are undoing a mistake and NPC is now aggressive. Velka's and her Cov were suppose to handle that aspect, not the Blades. (Velka was cut early on but some items and mechanics like Oswald were left in)

                                  • Uh, from what I've gathered PVP Sin and PVE are different. No point in forgiving PVE Sin unless you are undoing a mistake and NPC is now agressive. Velka's and her Cov were suppose to handle that aspect, not the Blades. (Velka was cut early on but some items and mechanics like Oswald were left in)

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                                      If I kill gwyndolin before getting the darkmoon covenant items can I still get them? Sorry if this is a dumb question I'm pretty new to the game and I'm trying to get all achievements and I need to get the darkmoon covenant items to do so.

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                                        so wiki doesnt write it, i heared if u abond the covenant amd join another one and then join back ure voted souvenires are halved, is tis true ?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          If what the wiki says is true, then this covenant has been ruined. WTF is there to fear of being invaded by a blade of the darkmoon now if the level restrictions aren't extremely open? To me, the whole point of the covenant is to be a group that invaders should fear. The only way to truly do this is to allow for downward invasions, so that you are a real threat to the invader. If the only people that you are ever able to invade now are meta level pvp experts, then at best you are walking into an even 1v1, and at worst, you're walking into a gank with 2-4 players that are close to, or even above your level. Please tell me the wiki is wrong..

                                          • Anonymous

                                            I invaded as a blue phantom in Dark Anor Londo (DS Remastered). Apparently the host had entered the boss fight since Gwyndolin's health bar appeared. The host killed the boss and I received the trophy for killing Gwyndolin. Is this supposed to happen or was that a glitch?

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                                              This covenant is pointless to join anymore because nearly all sinners that you could possibly invade are intact hackers with no health gage, stamina, or limit on what they can use; this includes their spells, miracles, and even their weight capacity. For example I encountered a player wearing Ornstien's armor, and greatsword, great shield, and still had enough to use the dark oak ring to roll after me and repeatedly backstab me while spamming wraith of the gods and an unknown spell that i have never witnessed in my years of playing.

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                                                playing the X1 back compatible Dark souls and was invaded by a spirit of vengeance after i had made sure to remove all sin with oswald, went into sunlit Anor Londo to kill orny and slough dog and used humanity to try and co-op, i had killed shivas bodyguard, but had cleared that business up for sure because i made sure to rejoin. so perhaps forest hunters is viewed as conflicting?

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