When exposed to Bleed, a build-up bar will appear at the middle of the screen.

  • The size of the bar is determined by the amount of Bleed resistance.
  • If the exposure stops, the bar will slowly decrease.
  • The bar will continue to fill up with exposure.
  • The ailment will take effect when the bar is full.

Once the bleed bar is full, you will instantly lose a portion of your health based on percentage.

  • Most weapons that cause bleed damage take 30% of your health.
  • The Lifehunt Scythe is one of two weapons that take 50% of your health, though the build-up also goes up on the user (user receives 20% less build-up than victim).
  • Priscilla's Dagger is the other weapon that takes 50% of your health, and the user receives no build-up of their own with this weapon.



  • Rolling right before your bar completely fills up will cause you to take no bleed damage but will still give you the blood loss message and sound.
  • Wearing the Bloodbite Ring will increase your bleed resistance by 400%

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