Blooming Purple Moss Clump


Potently medicinal moss clump with a flower. Reduces poison and toxin. Restores status. Toxin is a more vicious form of poison which quickly leads to death. Moss clumps without a flower are useless against toxin, and a lack of these moss clumps could lead to an early demise.

Blooming Purple Moss Clump is a Consumable in Dark Souls

Blooming Purple Moss Clump Usage

  • Reduces the accumulation of poison and toxin, also cancels poison and toxic status.
  • Toxic is a more severe status of poison that drains health at an accelerated rate.



Blooming Purple Moss Clump Location


Bloodred Moss Clump  ♦  Charcoal Pine Resin  ♦  Divine Blessing  ♦  Egg Vermifuge  ♦  Elizabeth's Mushroom  ♦  Estus Flask  ♦  Fire Keeper Soul  ♦  Green Blossom  ♦  Homeward Bone  ♦  Humanity(Consumable)  ♦  Prism Stone  ♦  Purging Stone  ♦  Purple Moss Clump  ♦  Repair Powder  ♦  Rotten Pine Resin  ♦  Transient Curse  ♦  Twin Humanities


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    • Anonymous

      Buy these in bulk from the Moss Merchant when you can. About a dozen or two should do for a good run. Getting 3 of them from the Ents just won't cut it.

      It's either do that or Homeward every darn time a Blowdart Sniper and Baby Skeleton gives you Toxic, and don't even get me started with some of the enemies from Ariamis. You just can't stall out Toxic well, you're more likely to blow through your Estus and Humanities before the effect ends.

      • Anonymous

        Farm Ents for these early game. Seriously, these come in clutch mid to late game. Don't be disappointed if you get the Red Moss or Blooming Red Moss instead, as those will come in clutch if you decide to fight the Capra Demon in Undead Burg and are useful for dealing with the bleed inflicted by the Undead Assassins.

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