Bond of a Pyromancer is a Trophy and Achievement in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. To get this trophy, you must collect all Pyromancies in the game. All spells must be acquired on the same character for the trophy to work. Sometimes a glitch allows for the trophy to trigger when collecting in different characters, but if you want to be sure aim to do the all in one place.

Bond of a Pyromancer Trophy / Achievement Guide


Laurentius of the Great Swamp

While in the Depths, you will find him in a room full of barrels, after killing the two butchers in the area. Break the barrel that he is trapped in to free him. Be careful not to hit him or piss him off. After killing Quelaag in Blightown, you can talk to him in Firelink Shrine.He will ask if you find magic unsavory, to this, say NO. He will give you a pyromancy flame, and you can buy his spells. He will also level up your pyromancy flame to lvl 15, which you will want to do ASAP.

  • Fireball: Purchase from Laurentius or Quelana of Izalith
  • Fire Orb: Purchase from Laurentius or Quelana of Izalith
  • Combustion: Purchase from Laurentius or Quelana of Izilith
  • Iron Flesh: Purchase from Laurentius
  • Flash Sweat: Purchase from Laurentius



This is the friendly Egg Carrier that guards Quelaag's sister, the Chaos Covenant giver and fire keeper. He will ask if you are a servant, say yes to enter. You must be infected with an egg on your head to have Eingyi sell you his pyromancy skills.

  • Poison Mist: Purchase from Eingyi. You can also find this skill for free somewhere in the swamp, on the way to The Hollows. It is bundled with some armor and is on a corpse.
  • Toxic Mist: Purchase from Eingyi


 Daughter of Chaos

You will find her beneath the second bell and where Eingyi is. You can join her Chaos Covenant to earn some powerful Pyromancy skills.


 Quelana of Izalith

Quelana is in Blighttown. The swamps actually. Right when you get to the swamp via the water wheel, you will see some large pillars to your right. She is behind the first pillar closest to you. Make sure you take care of any enemies in that area before going to talk to her. If your Pyromancy flame is AT LEAST +10 from Laurentius, she will make you her apprentice and sell you some great pyromancy skills. Plus, if your pyromancy flame is +15, she will make it Quelana's flame and add another +5 to your flame which is super awesome. This is expensive however, and I would advise stocking up on around 300k souls to buy all her skills and level up your flame 5 more times.

  • Great Fireball: Purchase from Quelana of Izalith
  • Firestorm: Purchase from Quelana of Izalith
  • Fire Whip: Purchase from Quelana of Izalith
  • Great Combustion: Purchase from Quelana of Izalith
  • Undead Rapport: Purchase from Quelana of Izalith
  • Fire Tempest: After locating Quelana in Blighttown swamps and buying all her Spells, she asks for a favor to kill her mother and sister. After defeating Bed of Chaos in Izalith, return to her and she will reward you with it.
    • You may also obtain this spell from killing her. Make sure you purchase everything you want first.


Dropped/Found Pyromancy Skills

    • Anonymous

      25 Jul 2018 01:02  

      got my last Pyromancy from the Bed of chaos Questline (quelana) Achievment does not unlock for me on xbox one too.

      • Anonymous

        13 Jun 2018 19:41  

        I did not know there was a trophy for miracles, sorceries and pyromancies... When I start new game, can i still achieve this trophy or do I have to start over from scratch?

        • 15 Nov 2017 20:53  

          Fire Surge and Acid Surge are not needed for the achievement. I just got it on pc without even entering the Painted World of Ariamis, I just got the Pyromancies sold by Quelaana, Laurentius, Eingyi and the ones found as loot

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