Bottomless Box


A peculiar bottomless wooden box. Its origins are unknown. Some deride it as a symbol of unbridled avarice.
Any number of items can be deposited into the box, and items can be managed while resting at a bonfire

Bottomless Box is a Key Bonfire Item in Dark Souls.

Bottomless Box Usage

  • Store excess items, a la Stockpile Thomas. Can only be accessed at a bonfire.
  • There is no weight carry limit in Dark Souls, but the box allows you to have twice the amount of some items.
  • Note: The bottomless box can be filled after gaining a lot of the same items from yours and friends playthroughs (must take everything that you find plus everything any friend gives you so long to short you have to have about 2000-2250(confirmed aproximatily how much)) (confirmed all by Korihyo PSN)

Bottomless Box Location



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