Broken Pendant

Half of a broken stone pendant. The vine appears to originate from Oolacile.
A powerful magic can be sensed from this ancient stone. Yet men of this time can neither manipulate nor sense its power, which has a distinct air consisting of both reverence and nostalgia

Broken Pendant is a Key in Dark Souls.

This item is only available in the 'Prepare to Die Edition' of the game.


Broken Pendant Usage

  • The stone pendant is the key to enter Lost Oolacile from the Darkroot Basin.
  • Enter the vortex inside the cave behind where the Hydra originally was to trigger a cut-scene that takes you back in time.



Broken Pendant Location





    • Anonymous

      17 Nov 2018 20:03  

      Wiki has conflicting statements. It says that it doesn't matter if you rescue Dusk for it to drop, but then it says that it DOES matter. Which is it?

      • Anonymous

        12 Jun 2018 07:02  

        so just to be sure... I played Dark Souls Remastered blind without knowing anthing for the first time. Now i am right before gwyn and because i wanted to know how to acces the dlc i gave up finding out myself and started Google. So i already cleared the Dukes archieves BEFORE doing the Hydra and the Golem with Dusk. He dropped no Pendant because of this. So i am not able to enter the DLC with the Charakter???

        • Anonymous

          19 Feb 2017 04:40  

          I have killed the Hydra and talked to Dusk. However, the Broken Pendant won't drop. I restarted the game multiple times. (Xbox One, Prepare to Die edition)

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