Broken Pendant

Half of a broken stone pendant. The vine appears to originate from Oolacile.
A powerful magic can be sensed from this ancient stone. Yet men of this time can neither manipulate nor sense its power, which has a distinct air consisting of both reverence and nostalgia

Broken Pendant is a Key in Dark Souls.

This item is only available in the 'Prepare to Die Edition' of the game.


Broken Pendant Usage

  • The stone pendant is the key to enter Lost Oolacile from the Darkroot Basin.
  • Enter the vortex inside the cave behind where the Hydra originally was to trigger a cut-scene that takes you back in time.



Broken Pendant Location

  • Dropped by the Crystal Golem at the entrance to the Duke's Archives, right after the first elevator. Only after you have rescued Dusk of Oolacile.
  • The Crystal Golem will appear regardless of whether or not you have rescued Dusk of Oolacile. However, The pendant will not drop if Dusk of Oolacile has not been rescued and spoken to.
  • You must kill the Hydra before you can get the Broken Pendant from the Crystal Golem.





    • Anonymous

      19 Feb 2017 04:40  

      I have killed the Hydra and talked to Dusk. However, the Broken Pendant won't drop. I restarted the game multiple times. (Xbox One, Prepare to Die edition)

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