Bugs and Glitches

If you have encountered a minor or a game-breaking glitch, then please list it below. Ex: bosses not moving, immortal foes, stuck in the scenery, etc.
This page is not meant to encourage game glitching and exploits, but rather list the known ones. Also, please don't include details on how to perform glitches and exploits that breaks PvP.

Known Glitches

  • Cannot Upgrade walls all at once
  • Dragon Head Infinite Souls/Items Glitch v2.
  • Other spell swap glitches v2.
  • You can access the Bonfire in the Duke's Archives Tower, from outside of the cell (from staircase, close to the bars in front of fire). This will respawn the snake guards nearby, and they will attack you while resting.
  • Using the Binoculars while talking to NPCs can leave your character stuck, in a third person view, with the binoculars equipped. Equip them while the NPC is finishing its last sentence. Unequip binoculars to resume playing.
  • Wheel Skeleton have gone through the wall of the Catacombs near the entrance while rolling at you - not the blacksmith door.
  • Kicking skeletons into the pit with all the bonewheel skeletons, while their Necromancer is still alive, can make the skeletons invisible. You can only see their eyes rolling around in mid-air, just above the outcrop where you summon Leeroy, they can also be targeted and shot with a ranged weapon.
  • When killed skeletons drops items, the item is not always available from the glowing orb that indicates an item, but can sometimes be found on another part of their disintegrated bodies.
  • Being parried by skeletons on the spiral staircase, that leads down to Blacksmith Vamos, will often result in being parried into the ground, and falling to your death.p
  • Extreme frame drops, in Tomb of Giants, when backtracking from the baby skeleton area to the area overlooking Ash Lake.
  • Exploit: You can feed the Cat Covenant Ring to Frampit for 1,000 souls, and it will reappear in the chest in Firelink Shrine. Repeat for an easy 1,000 souls every time.
  • Killing Darkwraiths (The NPCs in new londo) can make the sound of their Dark Hand get stuck in an endless loop.
  • Running down the buttresses (by the snipers) in Anor Londo (also the path down into valley of drakes) can inflict falling damage.
  • Throwing a Lloyd's Talisman at a sleeping Mimic, then running back and resting at a nearby Bonfire before the effect wears off, can force the chest lid to stay open (only tried on first mimic in Anor Londo). Uncertain if this method can be used to farm for the Symbol of Avarice. Warp or Reload Game to reset mimic.
  • If you access the elevator going from the Royal Wood to the Chasm of the Abyss, sometimes it dissapears and then reappears at the bottom, causing you to fall to your death (Artorias of the Abyss DLC w/ dsfix). Although unlocking the frame rate can cause falling through surfaces like stairs etc., this is the only time that riding an elevator caused me to fall and die (multiple times).
  • Many times, after you quit a bonfire's menu, the character will continue sitting there as though you are still in the menu (PC edition - i haven't found any solution other than ctrl+alt+deleting out of the game, or closing the game with alt+F4  and launching it again).

Glitch Kills

  • It is possible to glitch-kill the big berenike knight in the Undead Church. Make him chase you over the bridge to Blacksmith Andre, then run down and across the bridge to the gates of Sen's Fortress, and he might fall through the map and die when you return to the church.
  • The same as above happens with Serpent Soldiers at the beginning of Sen's Fortress. If they chase you to the bonfire (near Andre), they will fall through the map after reaching the building's threshold.
  • The Red Wyvern can be hit through the wall, behind the gate, from the stairs that leads up to the Undead Church. Aim a bow above the gate, or hit the wall with a weapon from either ledge.

NPC Glitches

  • When talking to Big Hat Logan before he goes hollow, and exiting his 'menu' by walking away will leave you unable to access the nearby bonfire.
  • Griggs can reappear in the room he was originally rescued, after he is killed, but with no 'talk' option available. The circumstances for this bug to occur are uncertain.
  • Dusk of Oolacile will sometimes have two summon signs located around the rock in Darkroot Basin. If you summon both in rapid succession, the summoning will be somewhat messed up.
  • Patches the Hyena can still be glithed in Tomb of Giants (1.05). After answering 'no' to forgive him, he keeps asking the same question over and over without a prompt to answer 'yes/no'. Pretty sure this was the second encounter as well, and he asked if I was a cleric both encounters. (1.05 patch applied after first encounter)
  • Not exactly an NPC, but nevertheless. The Batwing Demon who transports you from Anor Londo back to Sen's Fortress can be killed with Dung Pies. After he dies you still have the option to 'talk' to him (if his corpse lands on the platform), he will respawn later if killed this way.
  • The 'flip ninja' who accompanies Shiva can reappear after he's killed, but can not be interacted with. Kill him and let Shiva live, then absolve your sins and rejoin the Forest Hunter clan.
  • Reah of Thorolund can reappear as a hostile hollow in Firelink Shrine, after she is rescued or dead.
  • During the second half of the Anor Londo boss battle if Smough is killed first, "Super" Ornstein can cancel his attack windups and transition immediately to another attack, making it much more difficult to anticipate his actions. While he has always seemed "laggy," the frequency of his actual attack cancels has greatly increased following recent 2013 era patches, making it unclear if this is a bug or a feature.
  • (PC Version - Needs further testing.) Frampt may go away as if you joined Kaathe if you do the following: get the Lordvessel, talk fo Frampt so he takes you to the Firelink Altar, teleport back using a Homeward Bone or Miracle, then jump down Frampt's pit and place the Lordvessel. Doing this can also make Kaathe go away, preventing you both from trading items for souls and buying Cracked Red Eye Orbs.


  • It's possible to backstab with a bow equipped in the left hand and 2-handed. It's basically a normal fist-backstab, but the damage is dependent on the bow, not the right-hand fist or weapon. The backstab will not initiate if a non-backstab weapon (whip/shield/catalyst) is equipped in the right hand. This bug is by itself harmless, but since the damage stack with some other items it becomes game-breakingly overpowered.
  • The damage bonus for Divine upgraded Shields (used to attack) scale with Intelligence instead of Faith.
  • The Gravelord Sword can not block when held in the left hand, nor parry. Both light and heavy attacks will result in the same swing. It can block when 2-handed. (This might be a feature rather than a bug)
  • When using a Washing Pole or Uchigatana two handed R2 attack while facing the bottom of a flight of stairs, you will be propelled forward. Also works when facing down off of a ledge.
  • Using a pole weapon (scythe) in the blighttown swamp (and other shallows?) will make the running attack initiate instantanously.
  • possible glitch with a lucerne: my lucerne now makes the sound of dropping a short distance whenever I r1, alongside the normal attack sound. have tried reinstalling, deleting all files and redownloading, no effect. no effect on gameplay. haven't experienced it with any other weapon, on any other system. first noticed in the painted world, on standard NG, with a fire lucerne +5. (PC PDTE btw)


  • When fighting Moonlight Butterfly, after you go through the fog RUN straight to the other fog. It will start flying through the building it starts on and fly down into the map below and through the floor far below (this will not kill it).
  • Black Hydra cannot be killed if you rest at the nearby bonfire after each head is removed, since it will still have health left when the last head is cut off.
  • Ornstein can sometimes warp through the wall and disappear for good.
  • If Gwyn is parried and backstabbed at the same time dealing fatal damage, Gwyn will still have a health bar and just stand in place.

Menu Glitches

  • You can transfer items from an old character to a new one with the Bottomless Box.
  • When upgrading a weapon with a slab, after you hit ok to upgrade it, you can return to the dashboard or hit home button, reload the game, and you have not used the slab yet. Perfect for achievement hunters.
  • Items can be duplicated when they are transferred between the inventory and the bottomless box.

Graphical Glitches

  • When you stand on top of the stairs behind the Undead Church (next to the bridge that leads to the blacksmith) and look above the church roof, you can see the chains from the Firelink shortcut elevator stretching into the sky.
  • Things that glow (eg. Wolf Ring Visual Effect, Fire of the Bonfire, Elevator Glow in the Royal Wood) may begin to flicker (needs confirmation, cause, and fix). Confirmed (May 7, 2013) --- Cause: Patching the game to 1.08. Fix: Playing in Offline mode (FROM is aware of issue, and is looking to resolve it)

Out of Map

  • In the Lower Undead Burg, on the stairs that end at the street that leads to the Capra Demon, there is a a circular platform. Between the platform and the doorway there is a slanted piece of green/gray rock, and if you walk out onto this you will fall into grey oblivion (and eventually die, but not for a long while of falling).
  • You can skip to the Kiln when you get the Lordvessel. Rest at firelink and go to firelink altar, walk to kiln door turn right and jump off. When it gets to loading screen quit the game, when you turn back on you will be inside kiln, the door will be closed so the only way out would be homeward bone/dark sign or death.
  • In Anor Londo, on the path up to the Duke's Archives there are 3 big rocks on the right hand side. You can run and jump from the one beside the path, and towards the two others. If done right you will end up between them, then roll upwards and walk to the right side of the giant rock above. You'll end up on a small grassy ledge, and can just walk forward to fall through the map.
  • In Anor Londo, it is possible for certain areas of the map to fail to load. This occurs most often inside the buildings following the two silver knight archers, or in the main cathedral. All walls, floors, and ceilings will be invisible, although the player will be able to walk around, and will be able to see all NPCs and breakable objects anywhere in the area. The player can continue to try to play through these areas based on memory, but the inability to see doorways or obstructions can make it difficult. Even worse, any invaders that may appear after this glitch will be invisible and immune to damage, but able to kill the player. It is recommended that the player simply quit and reload if this bug occurs, although the game may also then freeze in the load window.
  • In Darkroot Garden, where the second Ent is on a narrow pathway with a pit on one side and a wall on the other, if the Ent grabs you while you are up against the wall and you escape its grasp, it is possible to fall through the map and die.
  • In Darkroot Garden, after going through the gates to Artoria's grave (where you fight Sif), directly on the right there is a place you can run-jump up on to the green area surrounding the graveyard (run roughly along the stone wall, taking aim for the stone "brick" on the green side,and jump off from the brick in front of it, launching you much further up than normal) . Continue left, while rolling a couple times, and eventually you can fall through the map.
  • In New Londo Ruins, by the small building that has the Darkwraith and a chest in it, at the end of the narrow passage behind the hidden wall. If you run down that passage and jump off at about a 45 degree angle to the left or right just before you reach the building, you can land on a ledge, and survive. When you jump to the ledge it switches the camera to a "top down" view (like you get when your character dies from falling too far). There's a small area you can then explore.
  • In Sen's Fortress, the chasm right below Siegmeyer does not contain a defined 'kill zone', but is dependent on fall damage to kill you. It is possible to survive the fall if you are backstabbed into the chasm, because the backstab animation will cancel out the fall damage. There is no way back out of the chasm.
  • In Kiln of The First Flame, when fighting Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, Gwyn may perform his grab attack, and if the player stands near or on one of the rocks (e.g. the one at the left after the fog wall), then the animation may fail, leaving the player where stood before, while Gwyn still performs his grabbing animation. At the end of it, the player will fall through the rock. It's still possible to hit Gwyn from under the floor and the player may still get damage, though many Gwyn's attacks miss.


Not exactly a Glitch

  • Dying at the same time you kill something will cause you to lose it's drops. (experienced with havel's ring)
  • The big Berenike Knights (undead church, sen's fortress & painted world) can be parried, but not riposted. -Most likely related to a removed feature, since players could backstab the Undead Church Knight in one of the beta/pre-relese demos.
  • After placing summon sign as undead in Darkroot Garden and removing Cat Covenant Ring I was able to invade a players world as a blue phantom. Returned to bonfire normally after invasion. Essentially able to participate in Forest covenant battle without use of the ring, it should be noted i am in the covenant and in darkroot garden near alvina. It has so far only happened twice for me on ps3 with latest updates.
  • The visible auras of certain items can trump those of other equipped items, allowing players with multiple active effects to strategically manipulate their auras to mislead opponents as to their gear or likely tactics.
  • The fog ring or hidden body spell makes the pyro glove and dark hand completely invisible (including the dark hand's shield effect, although a faint sound is still heard). It also makes the thorned leggings invisible.

Patched Glitches

  • Dragon Head Infinite Souls/Items Glitch v1. (patched)
  • Other spell swap glitches v1. (patched)
  • Red Wyvern 1-hit kill (patched)
  • Ceaseless Discharge killing himself by the fog (still possible, but harder to pull off.)
  • Black Hydra suicides (patched)
  • Snuggly trade several of the same items (patched)
  • Solaire not moving from undead burg in NG+ (patched)
  • Game with Gold version not working. (Patched)

    • Anonymous

      23 Sep 2018 16:54  

      I'm by the distant manor bonfire and when I go down past the knight and continue to the spiral staircase, I fall through and die

      • Anonymous

        10 Sep 2018 17:50  

        In firelink shrine I cannot see anything. There’s no people, no stones to read, no path to follow. Please help.

        • Anonymous

          03 Sep 2018 18:30  

          When playing on offline mode in dark souls 1 there is an instance where if you quit and reload the game when you are killed you start from where you died and not the bonfire.

          • Anonymous

            26 Jul 2018 16:07  

            I just downloaded Dark Souls 3 and now whenever I try to load or continue a game, it keeps me at the loading screen and doesn't go away. Is this a glitch or is it related to my wifi?

            • Anonymous

              24 Jul 2018 04:41  

              Dunno if this is a bug or not, but I just started a new DSr game on PS4 and am doing a bit of farming between Firelink Shrine and where the Taurus Demon was. I've noticed that if I walk all the way back, the enemies in Firelink respawn without me having rested at a bonfire. I'm on App ver 1.03, Reg ver 1.02. Anyone else notice this?

              • Anonymous

                12 Jul 2018 16:34  

                If Super Orenstein does his grab attack and then electrocutes the player in the left corner of the room next to the door, he could glitch through the wall and instantly die. It is then impossible to get his ring until the next play through.

                • Anonymous

                  06 Jul 2018 04:02  

                  When I reach a certain place in Sen’s fortress, almost all walls and elements of the map will disappear (except monsters and objects like chest and pots). The bug seems to trigger when I reach the room just after the first lizard man mage, where there's another lizard man sleeping against a wall. Sometimes, this wall will be down, as if a boulder destroyed it. When it happens, everything is gone behind it, and the rest of the map suddenly do the same. Enemies still attack me normally, but every traps are not working. As soon as I get out of the fortress everything turns back to normal.

                  • Anonymous

                    04 Jul 2018 22:40  

                    Hey, when I entered the new Londo ruins after exiting blight town. I fell through the floor into a grey area and kept falling till I died. This has happened twice. Also I noticed that if I die in the valley of the drakes the game doesn't load again till I restart it. Another thing that happens is if I fall into the grey area as I enter new Londo ruins and quit and restart before I die. The game doesn't load and when I restart it there is an infinite loading screen loop and the game doesn't start. Im playing it on an old 360 and am seriously considering getting the remaster for the PS4. I've already lost a 45 hour playthrough once don't want to repeat a game for the 3rd time unless its to play Ng+

                    • Anonymous

                      24 Jun 2018 00:31  

                      Was just exploring the Kiln of the first flame area and just entered the ending and new game plus not having fought Gwyn, is there any explanation to thism

                      • Anonymous

                        23 Jun 2018 00:22  

                        When doing the sen fortress skip I enter the death cam then die. Tryed four times all ending in death, possible patch for speed runners.

                        • Anonymous

                          04 Jun 2018 20:39  

                          playing the remaster on xbone, I upgraded my first weapon to +15 but didn't get the achievement? Does this have to do with being offline?

                          • Anonymous

                            02 Jun 2018 15:09  

                            DS1 Remastered PS4 When i do heavy attack R2, my character just stand there doing nothing untill i press the button to block or roll and it does start those animations but then it does the heavy attack. I have died so many times because of this.

                            • Anonymous

                              31 May 2018 21:20  

                              I went back to the Asylum for the Rusted Iron Ring, but the door that the Undead Asylum F2 West Key opens didn't prompt the "open" popup. So I am now stuck, without the Rusted Iron Ring. No matter what I try to do, restart game, go back to Firelink and back, go to Firelink, die and spawn back... I can't get the "open" prompt.

                              • Anonymous

                                25 May 2018 20:58  

                                I went down to the Catacombs early to get my rite of Kindling, but when I tried to get back to Firelink, the way was blocked off by a wall that's never been there. From the (hidden) second bonfire in the Catacombs, I try to go back to firelink by taking that first right and now there is a wall that wasn't there before with skeletons behind it. I'm 99% sure I just came through that way and since I don't have warp yet I don't know how to get back....

                                • Anonymous

                                  16 May 2018 19:49  

                                  While fighting Smough (after i already killed Ornstein), i was on the other side of the room away from Smough and i took damage from what i can only assume was Ornstein's salty ghost. He one shot me of course becuase it's fun to use the red tearstone ring....

                                  • 14 May 2018 15:43  

                                    So i have encountered this glitch that occurs in both dark souls 1 and 3 that puts blue pixels moving all over the screen whenever a dark color is showing (ex. main menu or dark places like the tunnel to lost izalith), nothing game breaking but it really bothers me, does anyone know how to fix it?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      28 Feb 2018 08:41  

                                      Didn't see this mentioned, but you can very easily dupe any items with a yes/no menu screen (homeward bone, boss souls, firekeeper souls, etc) by rolling, backstepping, swinging your weapon (two-handed if you're a female character - no clue why), or any action. Then queuing the item by spamming the use button, then before the animation ends and the yes/no menu pops up, press start and open your inventory, use any item and it will display the yes/no screen. Pressing yes will dupe the item. Pro-tip, the animation of using a boss or fire keeper soul can be used the queue another item use, making for fast and seamless duping

                                      • Anonymous

                                        09 Feb 2018 01:32  

                                        I used a purging stone to get rid of curse . I then left the game and came back to find out that my health was still cut in half , but it said I wasn’t cursed because I could see my humanity. I already tried using another purging stone but it does nothing. Please help.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          03 Feb 2018 07:39  

                                          Just lost 71 hard humanity from inventory with no explanation whatsoever. Don't know when/where exactly it happened, but all I've really been doing the last couple play sessions is going through Izalith.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            26 Jan 2018 16:54  

                                            So by or start with the fact that I had done a part of it was 5 years that I did not play so I play quiet when I said I'll visit the tomb of the giant and I arrived at the place or we activate the lever (not really) to unlock the paths little by little but at the precise moment, a guignole of skeleton come to hit me very hard (really very strong) so I find myself flying and fell in a place that I did not have time to release so I find myself stuck for life. Do you have a solution for me because I could never go back as the road is blocked by spades all the way and do not tell me I have to redo a part otherwise I will cry I'm lvl74 I clearly do not want to start again or I think I'm going to tear my hair, otherwise thank you all for answering me good continuation.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              26 Jan 2018 01:14  

                                              Alors par ou commencer peut être par le fait que j'avais refait une partie sa faisait 5 ans que je n'avais pas jouer donc je joue tranquille quand je me suis dit allons visiter le tombeau des géant puis je suis arriver a l'endroit ou on active des levier(pas vraiment) pour débloquer les chemins petit a petit mais a se moment précis, un guignole de squelette viens me frapper très fort (vraiment très fort) du coup je me retrouve a voler et a tombé dans un endroit que je n'ais pas eu le temps de libérais du coup je me retrouve coincée a vie. Avez vous une solution pour moi parce que je ne pourrais jamais remonter comme le chemin est bloquer par des piques sur toute la route et ne me dite pas je dois refaire une partie sinon je vais pleurais je suis lvl74 je n'ais clairement pas envie de recommencer ou je pense que je vais m’arracher les cheveux,sinon merci a tous de me répondre bonne continuation.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                12 Jan 2018 19:18  

                                                Does anyone else just fall off the map if you slide down the ladder on the way down at the undead parish (near the undead burg)???? I can't even die, I just... float at the grey. I can't even use the bone to get back to the last bonfire. It's frustrating.

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