Cat Covenant Ring

Ring granted to those bound by the Forest Hunter covenant. Answer Alvina's summoning.
The white cat Alvina speaks a human tongue and has lived since the early Age of Fire.
Alvina was a trusted friend of Knight Artorias and the Great Wolf Sif.

Cat Covenant Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Players can equip up to 2 Rings, but equipping two of the same item is not possible.


  • Answer Alvina's summoning.
  • Wearing this ring allows Alvina to summon you into the forest to fend off online invaders.

Acquired from


  • Ring provides no other bonuses.
  • The ring can also be swapped out, for a more beneficial ring, while you are being summoned.
  • If you feed the ring Kingseeker Frampt, you will get 1,000 souls and the ring will appear again in the chest behind Frampt
  • Dropping this ring will make it re-appear in the chest in Firelink Shrine.



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    • Anonymous

      At remastered version ring's exploit has been fixed so notes about selling it to Frampt and picking it from Firelink chest are no longer valid. You cannot sell this ring anymore also you cannot drop it. So once you get it you'll never get first Alvina dialog on this character anymore event at NG.

      Same rule goes to darkmoon invasion ring.

      • Anonymous

        I can never find the players I’m supposed to be hunting, they should have made it so you started near your target

        • Anonymous

          Is there a range limit with invasions using the ring? If I’m level 50, could I invade someone whose level 10 or level 100?

          • Anonymous

            Alvina straight up won't give me the ring, and I never joined the covenant with this character until just now. What now?

            • Anonymous

              For some reason it doesn't show up in my inventory or when I try equipping it but it shows up for feeding to frampt but since I'm in the remaster I cant feed it can I get some help

              • Anonymous

                Can you get infinite souls by feeding it to Frampt, quitting out, coming back and getting it again, then selling it again?

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