Centipede Demon

Location Demon Ruins
Health * NG: 3,432
NG+: 5,941
Souls * NG: 40,000
NG+: 80,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

Centipede Demon is a Boss in Dark Souls.

Centipede Demon Information

This demon is a large bug like creature which defends the path to Lost Izalith. Its arms and tail are separate living centipedes. The boss has a tendency to stand on the lava after walking through the fog gate and repeatedly use his reaching attack. For someone who is not in possession of the Orange Charred Ring or ranged attacks, this can be extremely annoying.





  • Centipede Demon is part of an overarching theme which links insects to chaos (read more).


Right Swing

The Centipede Demon swings from the left side, capable of breaking your block if it hits directly. To avoid this just walk to the side with your shield up to lessen the blow.


Tail Swing

The Centipede Demon spins and swings his tail at you, similar to the right swing, however this one follows more of a sweeping motion. Counter by rolling out of range, or blocking if you are capable.


Air Slam

The Centipede Demon jumps up and slam down with you as the target, just block and you'll be fine. Uses this attack when you are either under Centipede or very close to him.



He grabs you and inserts you into his toothy chest, which you can escape with no damage done by tapping L1/R1 in order. However if you don't, it does moderate damage. To avoid, stay away from directly in front of him at close quarters, or roll out of the way when you see him reach in for the grab.


Lava Blast

The Centipede Demon rarely goes full pokemon, but when it does, multiple balls of lava home in at you in rapid succession, and deals decent enough damage to warrant a warning.



 First and Foremost, run over the lava, around the corner on the right. Hidden behind that corner is a large field where you can properly fight him.

One method to make this fight easier is to cut off his tail from the beginning. If you can lure him to stand over you, you can hit him and be relatively safe, keeping up your block when he motions for an attack, just in case. His tail has a mind of its own, and can be like fighting two enemies, so be sure to take care of it early on. The Centipede will become crazy after the tail cutting and will run through walls but you must stay behind his back feet. The tail will grow back so cut it off again.

Dodge his arm extension move once he gets close, and run up to him.

The Centipede Demon will use AoE attack when its health is low, so make sure to pay extra attention to his attacks when his health dips. Using a shield with decent stability will improve your survival odds.



  • Stay beneath him as much as possible.
  • You can summon Solaire of Astoria to make this fight easier, his summon sign is in the center of a root on the left near the fog wall. However, Solaire has a tendency to walk into the lava and die depending on the Centipede Demon's position.
  • You can also cut off his long right arm (the one he throws towards you) to get the Orange Charred Ring, which minimizes the Lava damage making the rest of the fight alot easier.
  • He seems to be impervious to all fire damage.
  • Sorcery damage is very effective against him. (Homing Soul Mass with 40 Int will reduce it's health greatly.)
  • Use a shield with decent stability, like the Eagle Shield.
  • Certain appendages, when severed, will become separate entities that will assist the Centipede Demon during the boss fight. The tail, when cut and killed, drops the Orange Charred Ring. The ring can be obtained even if the boss is not defeated.



If you're standing close to the wall near the entrance to the fight and it grabs you to perform its maul attack, he has a chance to jump through the ceiling and become stuck on the roof. If this occurs, walk towards to exit door and wait it out. He will eventually fall off into the game void and plummet to his death netting you the boss souls and Orange Charred Ring.

Similarly, under the same circumstances, when he grabs you, he will munch on you, then fall through the floor and die when he's done. If the grab kills you, you will get all the souls/items and you won't have to fight him again.


Centipede Demon Awakens Arms Of Centipede Demon Centipede Demon Rage

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    • Anonymous

      28 Jul 2019 09:36  

      If anyone’s on, I could use some help with this boss. Solaire glitched and the summon sign isn’t showing up (He won’t leave the Sunlight Alter.) I’m using the fextra password.

      • Anonymous

        09 Mar 2019 00:20  

        just short the distance between you and him using the safe terrain, running into the center of the arena and stay rear. ez beaten with +10 Divine Halberd on 2nd try.

        • Anonymous

          02 Mar 2019 00:51  

          There seems to be a simplistic yet obvious point of lore with this boss relative to the Orange Charred Ring. It would appear that the brother of the daughters of chaos, which we understand is Ceaseless Discharge, carelessly dropped the ring, allowing the Centipede Demon to be formed.

          • Anonymous

            02 Sep 2018 18:45  

            There seems to be a glitch when the centipede demon does his high jumping attack where he if he is too close the the wall he will go out of bounds, won’t drop down and automatically die. This happened on my second play through.

            • Anonymous

              10 Jul 2018 22:54  

              "For someone who is not in possession of the Orange Charred Ring".

              What is the point of this sentence? The boss is where you get the ring (he drops it), and you lose it upon going to NG+...

              • Anonymous

                26 Jun 2018 03:35  

                I fought the demon on the initial island to keep Solaire from charging him. Using sorceries seemed to really help, the demon would aim for me, letting Solaire hit him with a lightning spear as I backed up to stay out of range.

                • Anonymous

                  11 Jun 2018 21:15  

                  How is it that you can either cut off its right arm or its tail and get the ring? Shouldn't it be one or the other? In the Hints it says both appendages drop the ring.

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Dec 2016 03:49  

                    "For someone who is not in possession of the Orange Charred Ring this can be extremely annoying."

                    Yeah no worries, let me just kill the Centipede Demon, obtain his ring and then use it to fight the Centipede Demon.

                    • Anonymous

                      Additional Attack03 Oct 2016 21:57  

                      It seems the demon has an additional attack: If I'm underneath it, after some time it always does a stomp killing me from full health

                      • Anonymous

                        Strategy Suggestion:05 Jun 2016 23:13  

                        Surprisingly, despite being fought in an arena full of Lava, the demon doesn't seem to use fire damage on any of its attacks so, providing the player has a 100% physical reduction shield and has put at least 30 points into stamina (or is using some equivilant) it is quite possible to tank most of the boss' hits and retaliate when possible for a fairly stressless win. One note is that, for best results, the Cloranthy ring (stamina recovery booster) is very useful for this battle.

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